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New Website On The $23-Billion Gap Gives Ontarians More Information, Chance To Have Their Say

Office of the Premier

QUEEN'S PARK -- Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty today launched www.strongontario.ca -- a new website that gives Ontarians the opportunity to learn more and have their say about the $23-billion gap.

"Our campaign to narrow the gap has been backed by thousands of Ontarians, including groups that speak for doctors and nurses, hospitals and universities, municipalities and business," Premier McGuinty said. "But we want to ensure that every Ontarian has the opportunity to know what's at stake, and we want to give every Ontarian the chance to communicate directly with the federal government, and our government, on this issue."

The $23-billion gap is the difference between what Ontarians give to the federal government in taxes and what they get back in programs and services. With the support of all parties in the provincial Legislature, Premier McGuinty has been fighting to narrow the gap because it compromises Ontario's ability to invest in its future prosperity by investing in the education, skills and health of people.

"It's called strongontario.ca because that's what this campaign is all about -- building a strong Ontario for an even stronger Canada," Premier McGuinty said.

Ontarians can go to www.strongontario.ca to get the information they need to make an informed decision and take action on the $23-billion gap. The website includes a section where Ontarians can send an e-mail message to the Prime Minister and his cabinet or to the Premier.

"Strongontario.ca is evidence of something I've been saying since day one of this campaign: we're in this for the long run, federal election or no federal election, because this is bigger than partisan politics," Premier McGuinty said.

"The strength of our province -- the economic engine of our country, the heart of our country -- is at stake. And that's why our campaign will continue online and on the hustings until the gap is narrowed."

The website provides information about how the gap affects Ontarians, including what the federal government spends on important programs like immigration in Ontario compared to elsewhere in the country.

"By working together to narrow the $23-billion gap, we're working to ensure we can invest in our people, our hospitals, our roads and bridges -- in our future prosperity," Premier McGuinty said.

  • Website: www.strongontario.ca
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