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McGuinty Government Helps Improve Student Literacy And Numeracy Skills

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McGuinty Government Helps Improve Student Literacy And Numeracy Skills

Office of the Premier

Excellence in public education depends on students being able to read, write, do math and comprehend at a high level by the age of 12. Having a solid education foundation will allow students the fullest range of choices in their academic career and beyond.

By 2008, the McGuinty government's goal is to improve reading, writing and math performance of our 12-year-olds so that 75 per cent reach the provincial standard, rather than just over half. The Education Foundations program was established to help achieve this goal.

Education Foundations

The government has made a number of significant investments to support the Education Foundations program:

More Teachers and Smaller Class Sizes

  • Dedicated $90 million to begin reducing class sizes in junior kindergarten to Grade 3
  • Added 1,100 new primary teachers in 1,300 elementary schools this year
  • Adding 1,300 specialist teachers in literacy and numeracy, music, physical education and arts by 2007-2008 -- contingent on local bargaining between school boards and the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario.

Help for Schools

  • Established the provincial Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat to ensure that schools, teachers and students get the support they need by building and sharing common resources, strategies and tools
  • Placed Student Achievement Officers in every school board to support literacy and numeracy strategies
  • Created 100 Turnaround Teams with literacy and numeracy experts, and placed them in elementary schools with the greatest challenges to enable students who were struggling the most to improve their literacy skills.

More Resources

  • Invested $18 million in 160 literacy and numeracy projects across the province to benefit more than 295,000 students, more than 21,000 teachers and about 8,000 parents
  • Distributed more than 60,000 specialized teaching guides in reading and math to all kindergarten to Grade 3 teachers
  • Developed e-learning modules on reading, math and leadership in partnership with TVO-TFO that are available to elementary teachers and principals
  • Allocated an additional $10 million to school boards and provincial schools to fund additions to elementary school library collections
  • Created an online early screening and intervention tool for junior and senior kindergarten and Grade 1 teachers that helps them identify students who are risk of developing learning difficulties
  • Developed a resource guide for teachers titled Me Read? No Way! A Practical Guide to Improving Boys' Literacy Skills to provide teachers with practical and effective strategies for improving boys' literacy skills.

Teacher Training

  • Trained 6,300 teachers through the Summer Literacy and Numeracy Training Program in the latest teaching techniques to help students improve their reading, writing and math skills
  • Intensively trained more than 16,000 teachers in literacy and numeracy to work toward our goal of four in every elementary school.



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