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Premier McGuinty Officially Opens Mars Discovery District

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Premier McGuinty Officially Opens Mars Discovery District

Focus On Research And Innovation Will Help Create Jobs And Prosperity For Ontarians

Office of the Premier

TORONTO -- The new MaRS Discovery District will help usher in a new era of research and innovation for Ontario, Premier Dalton McGuinty said today at the facility's official opening.

"The research that will be done here is going to improve lives in Ontario and all over the world. I'm proud of the role our government has played in creating this state-of-the-art institution," said Premier McGuinty.

"Our government is committed to research and innovation. Ontario's ability to innovate, to be first out of the gate with a new idea, and our ability to turn ideas into products will make Ontario a leader in the 21st century global economy."

The McGuinty government has invested $50.5 million in MaRS, to help support the discovery, funding and marketing of new ideas all in the same building. MaRS houses science and technology research labs alongside technology companies and investment capital firms. The 700,000 square foot complex is located at the corner of College Street and University Avenue.

Premier McGuinty said that, as head of the new Ministry of Research and Innovation, he will be appointing an Ontario Research and Innovation Council to provide expert advice and develop strategies to help increase opportunities for innovation.

"In the new knowledge-based economy, commercialization is a key driver of global competitiveness," said Dr. John Evans, Chair of MaRS Discovery District.

"Through our educational programs that foster entrepreneurship and bring the communities of science, business and capital together, MaRS will strengthen Ontario's ability to successfully bring our innovations to market. We must do this to reap the economic and health benefits of our substantial investment in academic research and secure the economic future of Canadians."

"MaRS will serve both as an international gateway to attract new investment to Ontario's innovation corridor, and as a provincial gateway to globally showcase Ontario's world-class research and commercialization infrastructure," said Minister of Economic Development and Trade Joe Cordiano. "With MaRS, we're creating an innovative network that will attract the kind of investment Ontario needs to compete and succeed in the global marketplace."

"To ensure Ontario remains strong and vibrant, we need everyone at their best, doing what they do best to turn our province into a lightning rod for innovation and research, and leading to better jobs for more people," said Premier McGuinty.

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