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Donna Cansfield

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Donna Cansfield

Minister of Energy

Office of the Premier

The Hon. Donna Cansfield was elected as MPP for Etobicoke Centre in 2003 after serving constituents as a school trustee for 15 years. Premier McGuinty has appointed Cansfield as Minister of Energy.

Minister Cansfield was formerly the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Energy and lead of the Conservation Action Team (CAT). The CAT has been working hard to promote the government's conservation initiatives across the province. She has engaged stakeholders from a variety of sectors to seek and promote the best in conservation ideas and practices, developing an action plan to help the government meet its conservation targets, and identifying barriers to conservation in existing government policies and programs.

Minister Cansfield is well known as a tireless contributor to services for communities, families and, in particular, children, as a member and Chair with both the Etobicoke and Toronto District School Boards, President of the Ontario Public School Boards' Association, Vice chair of the Toronto Foundation for Student Success and in other capacities. She also has national experience through her work as a director of Prime Mentors of Canada and as a past president of the Canadian School Board Association.

Representing a riding with Canada's largest proportion of senior citizens, Cansfield has served as a director of a hospice and has been active on other health care efforts. She has continued to work with her constituents to recognize key social goals and formed partnerships to achieve them.

Minister Cansfield lives in Etobicoke with her husband Bill. They have two children, Jennie and D'Arcy, who now live and work in Ontario.



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