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Dwight Duncan

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Dwight Duncan

Minister of Finance

Office of the Premier

The Hon. Dwight Duncan was first elected as a Member of Provincial Parliament in June 1995, and was re-elected two more consecutive terms to serve the residents of Windsor-St. Clair. A respected member of the legislature, Minister Duncan has been appointed by the Premier to serve as Minister of Finance and Chair of Management Board of Cabinet.

Minister Duncan has served in Cabinet as Government House Leader, Chair of Cabinet and Minister of Energy since October 2003.

As Minister of Energy, Minister Duncan brought meaningful change to Ontario's electricity sector. His goals aimed at fostering a culture of conservation, while ensuring a reliable, sustainable, diverse and affordable supply of power for the province.

A lifelong resident of Windsor, from 1987 to 1995 Minister Duncan served as an Administrator at Brentwood Recovery Centre, Canada's largest alcohol and drug recovery centre. He sat on Windsor City Council from 1988 to 1994 and has also served on the staffs of the Hon. Herb Gray, former Deputy Prime Minister, and former Ontario Labour Minister Bill Wrye. A graduate of McGill University and the University of Windsor, Minister Duncan has degrees in economics and commerce, as well as a M