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Agreements Signed In China By Ontario Trade Mission

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Agreements Signed In China By Ontario Trade Mission

Office of the Premier

Premier Dalton McGuinty is leading the Ontario Trade and Investment Mission to China to promote the themes of education, innovation and investment. Ontario 's delegation includes more than 125 people from approximately 100 organizations, representing private sector companies, universities and colleges, municipalities, agricultural organizations and medical research institutions.

Companies, educational institutions and organizations from Ontario and China have signed Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) on a host of projects that will strengthen the economic foundation of both jurisdictions while fostering trade and investment relationships between them.

Strengthening Trade and Investment Ties

Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto : An agreement has been signed with Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine at Hong University to collaborate on research initiatives in the field of genomic medicine focused on cancer, infectious diseases and inflammatory diseases as well as reproductive and developmental diseases. This agreement is the first step in establishing a joint Centre for Genomic Medicine.

B&H Architects Ltd. of Toronto: An agreement with the Yuexing Group to design what will be the largest retail furniture shopping centre in Asia -- the Shanghai Universal Home Decoration Expo Centre.

Can-Travel Services Inc.: An agreement has been signed with the China Sunrise Travel Service to work together to prepare for a possible Approved Destination Status for Canada , which would allow for increased tourism from China .

BTI Photonic Systems Inc. of Nepean : An agreement has been signed to provide Alcatel Chengdu Communications Systems with Alcatel-branded versions of BTI's Netsender system for sale in China .

Canada Shred-Tech Corporation of Cambridge : Prior to the Ontario Trade and Investment Mission to China , the company signed a formal cooperation agreement with the China Beijing Sumstar Group to manufacture and promote medical waste process system equipment with the first demo plant scheduled to open in Jiangsu Yangzou in December 2005.

Hoken Agritech International Inc. of Toronto : The company has agreed to supply the Nanjing Weigang Dairy group with frozen bovine semen and embryos as well as Bioniche animal health products and related technical training.

Taishan International High-Tech Corporation of Toronto : An agreement will be signed with Yangtze River Pharmacy Group to jointly license, manufacture, market and distribute herbal medicines and pharmaceuticals.

Lingo Media of Toronto : A letter of intent has been signed with Phoenix Publishing Media Group of Nanjing to establish a joint venture to publish educational newspapers, textbooks, trade books and magazines.

Strengthening Educational Ties

Algonquin College in Ottawa : MOUs have been signed with five institutions in China to provide:

  • English-as-a-second language training and curriculum to students of the Shanghai Dong-Zhang Education Development Group
  • English-as-a-second language at the Anhui Fuyang No.1 Middle School in Fuyang City
  • Animation training to students at Shanghai University
  • Programs and training for students from Nanjing University of Technology at Algonquin's Ottawa campus.
  • Professional development and teacher training programs at Algonquin College in Ottawa for students at Shandong Jiatong University with plans to develop other joint programs.

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Science in Toronto : An MOU has been signed with China Space Telecom Ltd. and Summer Leaf Inc. to discuss the framework for establishing a Joint Venture College in Beijing .

The college has also signed an agreement in principle with the Changzhou Institute of Technology to carry out cooperative educational programs and with the Jinling Institute of Technology to strengthen educational and cultural cooperation and extend their cooperation to include degree study programs.

INFOworks Educational Services Inc. Canada of Kitchener : The company will promote and market a wide range of educational programs and professional services on behalf of the Beijing International Educational Exchange with the aim of increasing international understanding and providing enriched professional development opportunities.

Brock University of St. Catharines : An agreement has been signed with Qingdao University of Science and Technology of Beijing to establish a collaborative research program to allow students in computer science and information processing to complete half of their study programs at both universities. Brock University will also sign an agreement with San Jiang University to carry out collaborative research and study programs.

The Centre for Education and Training of Mississauga : Agreements have been signed with the Centre of International Exchange of Education-Shanxi Provincial School Board, Tianjin Municipal School Board, Tianjin Dongli District School Board, Tianjin Tanggu District School Board and Hong Kou Civic District School Board to deliver professional development language training and children's vacation language school camps. In addition, the centre will deliver English language assessment services and English language training to the Tianjin Institute of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade.

Bond International College of Toronto : The Jiangsu International Education Exchange Association will establish a joint language training centre in Toronto for teachers from Jiangsu .

The George Brown College Centre for Early Childhood Development: The Centre will establish a Laboratory School in Suzhou and develop curriculum and best operation practices along with providing practicum and job opportunities for early childhood development students and graduates of George Brown College .

Renison College , University of Waterloo : An MOU has been signed with the Jiangsu Teachers University of Technology in Changzou to promote friendly relations and academic exchanges between the two institutions. Renison College will also offer joint Bachelor of Arts degree programs with the School of Foreign Studies at Nanjing University .

University of Waterloo : A partnership protocol has been developed with Tsinghua University to explore scientific and academic cooperation.

Fanshawe College of London : An agreement has been signed with the Beijing Institute of Education to establish student, teacher and staff exchanges and joint education programs.



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