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Ontario Trade And Investment Mission To China: Testimonials

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Ontario Trade And Investment Mission To China: Testimonials

Office of the Premier

Premier Dalton McGuinty led a highly successful Ontario trade and investment mission to China. He was joined by 125 people from approximately 100 organizations, representing private sector companies, universities and colleges, municipalities, agricultural organizations and medical research institutions. Delegation members provided their comments on the success of the 12-day trade mission.

"Premier McGuinty and Minister Cordiano are to be congratulated on the recent Ontario-China trade and investment mission. Both the Premier and the Minister did an excellent job of presenting the Province of Ontario to Chinese government officials and the business leaders of China. It was made clear to all that Ontario is open for business with our Chinese counterparts and that a Strategic Ontario/China Plan to promote trade and business ventures between Ontario and China is foremost on its agenda. This is the kind of leadership we need so that Ontario can retain and grow manufacturing jobs."

Bill Adams
President and CEO
Vannatter Group Inc.
Wallaceburg, Ontario
(signed long-term agreement with an auto company in Shanghai)

"I was very pleased to see the initiative from Premier McGuinty to bring diversity to Ontario's international efforts. The mission helped to speed up business negotiations, and achieved a major milestone sooner than expected. Needless to say, I am grateful for the vision and the efforts of the McGuinty team. I consider myself fortunate to have Mr. McGuinty as Premier. He understands the role of the government in raising the profile of Ontario businesses to provide us with the edge over our international competitors in the fierce market place. He also understands that competition never waits, and the sooner we start pushing hard, Ontario businesses will be in better shape."

Albert Yong
Director, Asia region
LComm Inc.
Markham, Ontario

"Premier McGuinty's meetings in Beijing greatly helped both Canadian and Chinese companies to be very confident and satisfied with the agreements. Shred Tech will produce the first non-incinerated medical waste process demo plant approved by the Chinese government and this is very important to our company. The successfully-operated demo plant would bring four new orders to Shred Tech in 2006. The agreement to manufacture mobile paper shredding trucks in Beijing will help to promote our Chinese partner company and bring more orders to Shred Tech."

HE Lin
Asian Market Manager
Shred Tech
Cambridge, Ontario
(signed agreements with Bejing companies to manufacture and promote medical waste process system equipment and for mobile paper shredding trucks)

"The Premier's trade mission to Hong Kong provided an outstanding opportunity to profile the innovative research collaboration in Genomic Medicine reached between Mount Sinai Hospital and the University of Hong Kong. The presence of Premier McGuinty, Minister Cordiano and Mr. Tony Wong at the MOU signing demonstrated the continued support and commitment of the province to research and innovation, not only to Ontarians but to our academic colleagues in Hong Kong. We anticipate that this linkage to Hong Kong will provide further opportunities for research initiatives between Mount Sinai Hospital and mainland China that will benefit the Ontario biomedical research community."

Stephen Lye, Ph.D.
Vice President, Research
Mount Sinai Hospital
Associate Director, Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute at Mount Sinai Hospital
Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology and of Physiology
University of Toronto

"Premier McGuinty's mission to China and Hong Kong was an outstanding trade success and enormously helpful to the University of Waterloo (UW). The trade mission enabled us to extend exchange agreements with three universities in Nanjing and laid the foundation to create a Sino/Canada College in Nanjing with UW and Nanjing University. It also permitted UW to kick off a $1 million scholarship campaign to send Chinese and Hong Kong students to UW."

Dr. David Johnston
President & Vice Chancellor
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario
(signed major partnership agreements with Nanjing University)



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