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New Year's Greetings From Premier Dalton McGuinty

Archived News Release

New Year's Greetings From Premier Dalton McGuinty

Office of the Premier

The coming of a new year is an exciting time.

It's a time to reflect on our good fortune and remember that we live in a province marked by prosperity, harmony and opportunity.

It's also a time to tackle the challenges before us and look forward to what we can accomplish in the year ahead.

In 2005, Ontarians came together.

We came together to help our brothers and sisters around the world when the tsunami hit southeast Asia, an earthquake shook Pakistan and India and flooding devastated our American friends.

And we came together to strengthen each other.

Working and building and dreaming together, Ontarians made giant strides in strengthening the education and skills, health and prosperity of our people.

As a result, Ontario is stronger.

And that's welcome news, because this new century and the world economy present us with almost limitless opportunities -- if we're strong and bold and innovative enough to seize them.

Looking ahead to 2006, I'm very confident about Ontario's future, because I have tremendous faith in Ontarians' ability to face the challenges and seize the opportunities before us.

Our people excel.

We see this excellence in our schools and heath care facilities, in our police and fire stations, on our farms and in our businesses.

We see it in the way Ontarians interact with the world.

And this holiday season, we've seen it in the hundreds of ways Ontarians give of themselves.

I'm proud of what Ontarians have done together.

And I'm optimistic about the year ahead, because Ontarians continue to work and build and dream, together.

On behalf of my colleagues, and from Terri and my family to you and yours: have a wonderful new year.