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Ontario Institute For Cancer Research

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Ontario Institute For Cancer Research

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The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) is the first research network in Canada to bring together leading researchers from across the province in a coordinated effort to fight cancer.

A core group of OICR researchers will be located in the MaRS Discovery District, part of a corridor of innovation that includes dozens of public research institutes working with industry to speed new discoveries from the lab to the marketplace. Other researchers will conduct their research at existing labs in universities, health science centres and research institutes across the province.

The OICR will work with public and private sector partners to translate findings and new knowledge into better prevention, earlier diagnosis and new life-saving treatments. Researchers joining the institute will work collaboratively in support of these goals. The institute will also help develop Ontario's next generation of cancer researchers. By connecting researchers with each other, and to international institutions, the province will expand its innovation capacity and help make Ontario a world leader in cancer research.

Ontario Cancer Research Network

The Ontario Cancer Research Network (OCRN), a provincially funded not-for-profit organization, will consolidate its programs within the OICR to better coordinate the fight against cancer.

The OCRN takes promising research from the lab and develops new treatments for patients. For example, network-funded projects have led to new techniques for killing cancer cells that preserve surrounding healthy tissue, and a vaccine that stimulates the immune system to attack tumour cells related to an incurable form of leukemia.

The board of directors at the OCRN will appoint an internationally recognized Scientific Director to lead the OICR. As part of the coordinated fight against cancer, the OCRN board has been expanded to include representatives from Cancer Care Ontario, research hospitals, the University Health Network, universities and other experts.



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