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Premier McGuinty's Statement On Yonge Street Shootings

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Premier McGuinty's Statement On Yonge Street Shootings

Office of the Premier

On behalf of all Ontarians, I want to express my sympathies to the victims of yesterday's shooting on Yonge Street, my anger at the complete disregard for human life shown by the criminals responsible, and our resolve to work with all levels of government, and leaders throughout the community, to stop the tide of gun violence.

In particular, I want to express my condolences to the family of the young woman who lost her life simply because she went shopping on Boxing Day.

As with each loss of a young life to the insanity of guns, we are reminded that this could have been our own daughter, or own son or grandchild, and we are sickened and deeply saddened by this family's loss.

We offer our support as well to the other victims who are recovering from injury. And we offer our gratitude to the police and emergency crews who responded last night.

We will continue to work with Mayor Miller, Chief Blair, other leading Torontonians and the federal government to be tough on the causes of crime by providing positive alternatives to the criminality that leads to such carnage.

But we must, as well, work together to be tougher on crime itself, by banning hand guns, and imposing severe penalties for possession of a hand gun.

We must and will respond, not with panic, but with resolve and determination out of respect for those who have fallen, and all human life. Torontonians have always shown this type of courage and commitment to one another, and I remain confident they will show it now, in the face of such senselessness.



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