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Intergovernmental Working Group On Gun Violence Meets

Archived News Release

Intergovernmental Working Group On Gun Violence Meets

Office of the Premier

Senior civil servants from the City of Toronto, the provincial and federal governments and representatives of the Toronto Police Service, the OPP and the RCMP met today to support the concerted effort to fight gun violence.

Working at the request of political leadership, the objective is to ensure that all three orders of government are closely coordinating their actions and working collaboratively with police. The working group will ensure the effective engagement of the community and youth.

In order to ensure full cooperation and coordination on all measures aimed at reducing gun violence, the working group is reviewing current initiatives and discussing potential new actions in each of the following areas:

  • More effective deterrence and enforcement strategies
  • Crime prevention, community development and community access to government resources
  • Effective laws and policies to maximize public safety.

Groups focused on each of these areas will support and build on existing initiatives with leadership shared among the three orders of government.



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