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Ontario Spirit Award Recipients

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Ontario Spirit Award Recipients

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Anderson Collegiate Vocational Institute of Whitby -- raised $9,000 in two weeks by involving the entire student population in daily fundraisers.

Samantha Bakker of Woodstock -- six-year-old who created a drawing which she auctioned for $10,100.

Brighton Public School of Brighton -- raised more than $4,500 with a Hop for Hope to Help dance-a-thon.

Elmdale School Council of Ottawa -- by launching the Power of One fundraising campaign, Elmdale School Council donated more than $10,000 to the Canadian Red Cross.

Free the Children of Toronto -- shipped $1 million dollars worth of essential medical and relief supplies to save lives and is involved in rebuilding communities in Sri Lanka.

Kids Can Free the Children of Toronto -- in only a few hours, East York Collegiate high school club, Kids Can Free the Children, donated more than $4,000.

Joshua McBride of Bruce Mines -- dedicated himself to raising awareness by organizing and presenting Red Cross Tsunami Presentations to 50 schools in his community.

Mohawk College and the Mohawk Student Association of Hamilton -- raised more than $4,500 by participating in activities such as a week-long Loose Change Drive and a 12 Hours of Caring radio marathon.

Newtonville Public School of Newtonville -- a small, close-knit school that serves a rural community of less than 100 inhabitants held a Disaster Relief Dinner and raised $1,000.

Percy Centennial Public School of Warkworth -- held an Ice the Wave skate-a-thon in Warkworth and donated the proceeds to UNICEF.

Prince of Peace Catholic School of Scarborough -- raised awareness and $5,000 by holding a Tsunami Activity Information Day.

Bilaal Rajan of Toronto -- personally raised $50,000 and with the Toronto and District School Board presented a cheque of $1.3 million in response to Bilaal's challenge.

Ale Romo of Toronto -- brought together 2,000 students at Monarch Park Collegiate to encourage and motivate them to go out and to make a difference in the lives of those affected.

St. John's-Kilmarnock School of Breslau -- held a 12 hour long dance-a-thon raising $6,700.

St. Theresa of Lisieux Catholic High School of Richmond Hill -- held fund-raising events including a yellow ribbon movement and a school garage sale to raise awareness and money.

Peninsula Shores District School, formerly Wiarton Public School -- School-to-School Fundraising Committee of Wiarton -- raised $15,000 to help build a new sister school in Caddalor India.

Hailey Sheehey of Lindsay -- nine-year-old donated all of her Christmas money to the Lindsay Branch of the Red Cross

Neera Singal of Toronto -- with her fellow students at Lawrence Park Collegiate, raised more than $2,000 with various fundraisers such as shoveling driveways and bake sales.

Sterling Hall School of Toronto -- raised more than $8,000 through a school read-a-thon, movie day and selling compassion bracelets.

Students Against Apathy -- Alternative Scarborough Education 2 -- in partnership with a local book store raised $2,100 and with Free-the-Children's help a total of $21,000.

Valley Park Middle School of Toronto -- school of 1,100 students from more than 70 countries raised $15,000 in four weeks.

Vincent Massey Public School, Central Public School, Dr. Ross Tilley Public School and Waverley Public School of Bowmanville -- each student donated a film canister filled with coins raising more than $5,000.

Willowbrook Public School of Thornhill -- raised almost $3,000 through a solicitation in its school's newsletter.

Wismer Public School of Markham -- joined neighbouring schools in the "Helping Hands" Campaign raising $4,000.



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