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McGuinty Government Improving Cancer Care In Ottawa

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McGuinty Government Improving Cancer Care In Ottawa

Office of the Premier

The Province of Ontario has approved an investment to expand The Ottawa Hospital Regional Cancer Centre by three radiation machines and associated cancer services to a total of 11 radiation machines in the region to meet the increased patient needs.

It involves construction and renovations at both The Ottawa Hospital and Queensway Carleton Hospital to result in an integerated cancer program for the region. Construction is expected to begin in 2007-2008.

The Ottawa Hospital Regional Cancer Centre (formerly the Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre) is a cancer treatment and research facility providing cancer services to patients in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario.

Alternative Financing and Procurement

The Ottawa Hospital project has been approved as an Alternative Financing and Procurement project, which means that the government will own the facility, but t he construction work will be financed and carried out by the private sector. The alternative financing approach will allow for the project to be completed on budget and on time and for the construction risk to be transferred over to the private sector.

Framework for Planning, Financing and Procuring Infrastructure

The government has made it clear that public hospitals, and also schools and water and sewage treatment facilities, will remain under public ownership and control. All aspects of the project will be consistent with the principles of the government's Building a Better Tomorrowframework announced by Public Infrastructure Renewal Minister David Caplan in July 2004.

The guiding principles of the framework are:

  1. The public interest is paramount.
  2. Value for money must be demonstrable.
  3. Appropriate public control/ownership must be preserved.
  4. Accountability must be maintained.
  5. All processes must be fair, transparent and efficient.

ReNew Ontario

The Ottawa Hospital Regional Cancer Centre project approved by the province is part of ReNew Ontario -- the government's five-year infrastructure investment strategy. Under this strategy, the province and its partners will invest $30 billion over the next five years in Ontario's public infrastructure.

ReNew Ontario commits the government and its partners to investing $5 billion in health care by 2010. Over the next five years, the goal is to modernize Ontario's health infrastructure by updating equipment and expanding capacity to meet the needs of the province's growing and aging population. The ReNew Ontario investments are designed to support the government's goal of achieving better health for Ontarians.



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