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New Website Informs Ontarians On Fight For Fairness

Office of the Premier

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty today launched the new strongontario.ca website to keep Ontarians informed about the need for Ontario to get its fair share of the money it sends to Ottawa.

"Ontario families have a right to expect that a fair share of their tax dollars will come back to Ontario, but right now that's not happening," says Premier Dalton McGuinty. "We want to make sure that Ontarians know about the need for fair federal funding and we want to give them a chance to have their say."

The website highlights Ontario's concerns and provides the latest information about the fiscal imbalance between the federal government and the provinces. It also outlines solutions that are fair to all Canadians.

"The fact is that the federal government has more money than it needs to meet its responsibilities, while the provinces and territories don't have enough to meet theirs," says Dr. Marie Bountrogianni, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs. "That fiscal imbalance compromises Ontario's ability to invest in education, health care, roads and public transit."

Canadians can go to strongontario.ca to learn more about the campaign for fairness and take action. The website includes a section where visitors can send an e-mail message to the Prime Minister and his cabinet or to Premier McGuinty.

"There are 12.5 million people in Ontario -- that's 39 per cent of Canada's population," said Premier McGuinty. "We need to work together to make sure the fiscal imbalance is fixed in a way that treats all Canadians fairly, including those living in Ontario."

The website will expand over the next few weeks to include more features and information.

"We encourage Ontarians to keep visiting the website to stay informed and have their say," said Premier McGuinty.

Ontarians can also share their views and opinions with Premier McGuinty by visiting his website at www.ontario.ca/premier.



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