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International Medical Graduates

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International Medical Graduates

Office of the Premier

The McGuinty government is committed to increasing access to doctors for Ontario families through recruiting, training and helping more international medical graduates (IMGs) practise medicine in the province.

Since 2003, the government has:

  • Created a unique IMG Ontario office, which provides a one-stop information and application service help physicians trained abroad access opportunities to practice in Ontario
  • Increased the number of postgraduate training and assessment positions available for IMGs from 90 in 2003 to 200 in 2006 and each year moving forward
  • Increased funding for the IMG program from $14 million in 2003 to nearly $40 million in 2006
  • For the first time, allowed IMGs to compete for unfilled residency positions in the annual residency match.

These programs and investments have resulted in:

  • Training or assessment positions offered to more than 200 IMGs this year
  • The largest-ever clinical exams to give all IMGs a chance to demonstrate their skills and knowledge
  • An additional 86 IMGs currently practising in Ontario's under-serviced communities
  • Another 287 IMGs in training, and expected to begin practising in under-serviced communities this year
  • 35 IMGs who have found residency positions through the second round of the residency match
  • A recent report from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario that found the greatest portion of new licenses were being given to IMGs, for the second consecutive year.

HealthForceOntario Strategy

International Medical Graduates are also an important part of the $45-million HealthForceOntario Strategy.

A focus of this strategy is to develop Ontario's health care workforce and better equip Ontario to compete for health care professionals. This will be achieved through:

  • Setting up a one-stop centre for internationally educated health professionals to obtain the information they need to work in Ontario
  • Making Ontario more competitive through establishing a marketing and recruitment centre, including a comprehensive job portal, a global phone number and website.

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