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Legislative Achievements

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Legislative Achievements

Reaching Higher For Ontarians

Office of the Premier

During the winter and spring sessions, the McGuinty government made real progress on its plan to strengthen the province by strengthening the education and skills, health and prosperity of Ontarians.

Passed in the Winter/Spring 2006 Sessions

Bill 11

Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act
Minister Ramsay

Bill 21

Energy Conservation Responsibility Act
Minister Cansfield

Bill 27

Family Statute Law Amendment Act
Minister Bryant

Bill 36

Local Health System Integration Act
Minister Smitherman

Bill 41

Securities Transfer Act
Minister Phillips

Bill 53

Stronger City of Toronto for a Stronger Ontario Act
Minister Gerretsen

Bill 56

Emergency Management Statute Law Amendment Act
Minister Kwinter

Bill 78

Education Statute Law Amendment (Student Performance) Act
Minister Pupatello

Bill 81

Budget Measures Act
Minister Duncan

Bill 82

Supply Act
Minister Duncan

Bill 85

More Time to Appeal Act
Minister Duncan

Bill 102

Transparent Drug System for Patients Act
Minister Smitherman

Bill 104

Greater Toronto Transportation Authority Act
Minister Cansfield

Bill 109

Residential Tenancies Act
Minister Gerretsen

Bill 117

Income Tax Amendment Act (Ontario Home Electricity Relief)
Minister Duncan

Bill 190

Good Government Act
Minister Bryant

Bill 206

Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System Act
Minister Gerretsen

Bill 210

Child and Family Services Statute Law Amendment Act
Minister Chambers

Introduced in the Winter/Spring 2006 Session

Bill 62 Election Statute Law Amendment Act, 2006 -- February 16, 2006
Minister Bountrogianni -- 2nd Reading (1 Day)
Bill 65 Mortgage Brokerages, Lenders and Administrators Act, 2006 -- February 20, 2006
Minister Sorbara -- 2nd Reading (1 Day)
Bill 69 Regulatory Modernization Act, 2006 -- February 27, 2006
Minister Peters -- Awaiting 2nd Reading
Bill 103 Independent Police Review Act, 2006 -- April 19, 2006
Minister Bryant -- Awaiting 2nd Reading
Bill 107 Human Rights Code Amendment Act, 2006 -- April 26, 2006
Minister Bryant -- 2nd Reading (3 Days),
Referred to Standing Committee on Justice Policy
Bill 124 Fair Access to Regulated Professions Act, 2006 -- June 8, 2006
Minister Colle -- Awaiting 2nd Reading
Bill 130 An Act to Amend Various Acts in Relation to Municipalities, 2006 -- June 15, 2006
Minister Gerretsen -- Awaiting 2nd Reading