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Expanding Ontario's Conservation Programs

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Expanding Ontario's Conservation Programs

Office of the Premier

The three programs that will be expanded, under the powerWISE name, across the province are an important part of the McGuinty government's plan to build a culture of conservation in Ontario.

A Beer Fridge Bounty Program

Refrigerators are one of the largest consumers of electricity in the home, especially older models. These models can consume up to four times the electricity of newer, energy-efficient refrigerators.

Through this program, refrigerators and other appliances collected will be fully recycled instead of ending up in a local landfill.

Full recycling includes removal and proper handling of CFC-based refrigerants and foam insulation, draining, decontamination and recycling of compressor oils, and recycling of plastic, glass and metals.

In pilot projects conducted earlier this year:

  • Hydro Ottawa retired 2,500 inefficient fridges and freezers, saving 3 million kilowatt hours per year -- enough to power more than 320 homes
  • London Hydro retired over 10,000 old fridges, saving 13.6 million kilowatt hours
  • The Ontario Power Authority will retire an expected 7,500 fridges by the time their program concludes later this month -- some 10 per cent above the target. This will save an estimated 7,500 megawatt hours annually and reduce peak demand by more than two megawatts.

A Peak Reduction Program

This is a voluntary program that will help reduce electricity consumption during peak times on summer days.

Homeowners and businesses volunteer to have an electronic device installed in their home or office. When supply is stretched, this device allows system operators to reduce the power being used by air conditioners, pool pumps and water heaters for short periods of time.

Homeowners and businesses receive a financial incentive for subscribing to this service.

Last summer, Toronto Hydro's PeakSaver program was a success -- reducing peak demand by 13 megawatts on a day of record electricity consumption.

A Summer Savings "10/10" Program

This program will help reduce demand during the summer by offering residential and small business consumers an incentive.

In Toronto, where the program was in place last summer, consumers who cut power use by 10 per cent during a set period received an additional 10 per cent rebate on electricity bills.

Early results of a pilot program by Toronto Hydro indicate that more than 26 per cent of customers will qualify for a rebate.



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