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Punjab And Ontario Sign Co-Operation Agreement

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Punjab And Ontario Sign Co-Operation Agreement

Economic Engines Of Pakistan And Canada To “Enhance, Exchange And Expand Co-operation”

Office of the Premier

The leaders of Ontario and Pakistan's largest province have signed a joint declaration of co-operation designed to foster trade, investment and jobs.

"I am pleased that Ontario and Punjab, two provinces that are the economic engines of their respective countries, have agreed to explore opportunities in a broad range of sectors," said Premier Dalton McGuinty.

"As the first Ontario Premier to lead a business mission to Pakistan, I'm confident that the progress we have made as governments, and the progress members of our mission have made with their Pakistani counterparts, will mean tangible results in the months and years to come."

The declaration was signed by Premier McGuinty and Punjab's Chief Minister, Chaudhary Pervez Elahi , in a ceremony here today.

It recognizes the "potential for the development of cooperative business activities to foster international trade, investment, economic cooperation and joint business activities."

Based on a "common desire to enhance, exchange and expand co-operation between the two provinces," the agreement commits Ontario and Punjab to promote economic ties by exchanging information and delegations in the years ahead.

Earlier, Premier McGuinty spoke to students at the Lahore University of Management Sciences, one of Pakistan's most prestigious universities.

He told them their imagination, innovation and idealism are critical to the future of Pakistan, and their ability to work with young people in Ontario and the rest of the world is critical to the future of the planet.

"Use the power of imagination and innovation to create prosperity for you and your family, of course, your country, absolutely, but to advance mankind's progress, most of all," he said.

"My generation has done some wonderful things. But we've also made some mistakes that are creating challenges so large -- in developing nations, for example, and for our environment -- that only a global effort will overcome them."

Ontario's business mission to Pakistan then left Lahore for Pakistan's capital, Islamabad, where the Premier is scheduled to meet with government and business leaders.

His itinerary includes a dinner hosted by the Chairman of Pakistan's Senate, and a speech to a luncheon with the Canada-Pakistan Business Council's ICT Mission members and prospective partners in Islamabad.

Ontario's business mission to Pakistan concludes January 26.



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