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Expanding Opportunity For Families And Children

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Expanding Opportunity For Families And Children

Ontario Child Benefit To Help 600,000 Families And 1.3 Million Children

Office of the Premier

The Ontario Child Benefit introduced in the 2007 Budget will expand opportunity by providing more assistance to children in all low-income families -- whether their parents are working or not.

"Our province can only reach its full potential when everyone has the chance to contribute all they can," said Premier McGuinty. "That's why yesterday's budget took a giant step forward in expanding opportunity for children and families. And that's why we went further than ending the clawback of the National Child Benefit Supplement - we're providing assistance to every low-income family."

Budget 2007 will invest more than $2.1 billion in children through the Ontario Child Benefit. It will provide low-income families with $250 per child this July and grow to $1,100 per child by 2011.

Other measures to benefit children include:

  • Increasing social assistance rates by 2 per cent -- a 7 per cent increase since 2003
  • Raising the minimum wage to $10.25 by 2010
  • Supporting new child care spaces by providing $25 million this year, rising to $50 million annually in 2008-09
  • Providing 27,000 low-income working families with $100 a month in housing supplements
  • Providing municipalities with $127 million from the housing trust to invest in their priorities such as affordable housing units
  • Improving supports for at-risk families with children with an investment of over $5 million.

"This isn't about making poverty comfortable -- it's about increasing opportunity so people can get out of poverty and get on with building a better future for their kids," said Premier McGuinty. "At the start of the 21st century, we know that to compete and win, we need everyone at his or her best -- and deep down we know it's right to be there for one another. So helping children in low-income families to succeed is the right thing to do for our society, and it's the smart thing to do for our economy.



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