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Faster Care For Barrie Patients

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Faster Care For Barrie Patients

Royal Victoria Hospital

Office of the Premier

Since coming to office, the McGuinty government has made real progress on the priorities that matter to Ontarians. This includes tracking wait times and making information available through a wait times website (www.waittimes.net).

Through its Wait Times Strategy, the government has funded additional medical procedures in five key areas: cancer surgery, cataract surgery, hip and knee replacements, cardiac procedures, and MRI and CT scans.

These procedures have helped to speed up access to health care for patients at the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Royal Victoria Hospital -- Wait Times Data

Procedure Days Current vs. Baseline
Sept '05)
(Dec '06/
Jan '07)
Cancer surgery 109 51 -58 -53.2%
Cataract surgery 106 71 -35 -33%
Hip replacement 303 148 -155 -51.2%
Knee replacement 365 114 -251 -68.8%
MRI 325 116 -209 -64.3%
CT 115 48 -67 -58.3%



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