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Getting Results For Patients In Hamilton

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Getting Results For Patients In Hamilton

Premier McGuinty Celebrates Lower Wait Times At Hamilton Health Sciences And Better Health Care For All Ontarians

Office of the Premier

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty met today with nurses, doctors and health care professionals at Henderson General Hospital to thank them for working hard to help patients get faster care in their communities.

"For people in Hamilton who have been waiting for surgeries, this is a result that matters," said Premier McGuinty.  "It's a result that's only possible because Ontarians have been working together to improve the quality of care for families.  And working together, we are delivering those results."

Since coming to office, the government has funded about 1,270,000 additional medical procedures to help speed up access to care for Ontario families.  As a result, patients are getting:

  • Cancer surgeries 13 days faster
  • Hip replacements 94 days earlier
  • Knee replacements 133 days quicker
  • MRI and CT scans 15 and 19 days sooner
  • Cataract surgery 128 days earlier
  • Cardiac procedures up to 28 days faster.

Wait times have also come down at Hamilton Health Sciences, where patients are getting:

  • Cancer surgeries 19 days faster
  • Hip replacement 240 days earlier
  • Knee replacements 168 days faster
  • MRI and CT scans 27 and nine days sooner
  • Cataract surgery 36 days earlier
  • Cardiac procedures up to 74 days sooner.

The Premier pointed to the turnaround in health care in Ontario.

"Four years ago, hospitals were closing, nurses were being fired and no one was measuring wait times for important procedures," said Premier McGuinty.  "Now, construction is either completed or underway at more than 100 different hospital sites, we're hiring 8,000 nurses and half a million more Ontarians have a family doctor."

"These are tremendous results we've achieved by working together," McGuinty said.  "But we have more work to do -- and we're going to keep working with our health care partners to ensure Ontario's health care system is truly second to none."

To see the progress that's been made in your community, Ontarians can visit www.waittimes.net.

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