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Building A Stronger Hamilton For Future Generations

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Building A Stronger Hamilton For Future Generations

Supporting Lister Block Restoration Project Means Good, High-Paying Jobs, Better Quality Of Life For Families

Office of the Premier

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty announced today that the government is building a high quality of life for people in Hamilton by helping to revitalize its downtown core.

"Maintaining Ontario's heritage and preserving our history is part of building a stronger, more vibrant province for all of us," said Premier McGuinty. "The Lister Block restoration will not only revitalize downtown Hamilton, it will create new high-value jobs and strengthen the city for future generations."

Premier McGuinty made his remarks at the Lister Block site, where he joined Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger, other local officials and community members.

The McGuinty government is investing $7 million to redevelop the Lister Block, a six-storey vacant building that was constructed in the 1920s and has distinct architectural features. The project will help Hamilton realize its vision as a modern urban centre. It will also help attract new visitors and investment to the city.

Once the project is complete, the remodelled building will accommodate Hamilton's public health department.

"The renewal of the Lister Block is a significant step toward the successful revitalization of Hamilton's downtown core," said Mayor Eisenberger. "Investment in Hamilton's future is essential, and Premier McGuinty's continued commitment to healthcare, transit, and now this latest investment in the Lister Block is an encouraging step in moving forward. I welcome the Province's continued partnership with the City of Hamilton over the long-term."

"The Lister Block is a provincially significant landmark and historical site," said Hamilton West MPP Judy Marsales. "By preserving its magnificent history and architectural beauty, our government is helping to make Hamilton a great place to live, work and play for families."

"I am so pleased that the Lister Block will be taken off of the 'critical' list," said Dr. Marie Bountrogianni, MPP for Hamilton Mountain. "The rehabilitation and renovation of this historic site will be a turning point in revitalizing Hamilton's downtown core, and will provide more opportunities to showcase Hamilton's unique atmosphere and vitality."

Revitalizing downtown Hamilton is the latest way the McGuinty government is getting results for communities. Other measures include:

  • Creating a multi-year, $17.5-billion rapid transit action plan for the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton that will deliver jobs and investment by reducing congestion
  • Launching ReNew Ontario, a five-year, $30-billion infrastructure investment plan to repair, revitalize and expand public infrastructure
  • Releasing a landmark Places to Grow plan to create complete communities, with a better mix of businesses, services, housing and parks that will make them more livable.

"A stronger Hamilton, means a stronger Ontario," said Premier McGuinty. "Working, building and dreaming together, we can make Ontario the place to be for our children, and our children's children."



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