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Jackets And Ties Optional This Summer For Ontario Government Employees

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Jackets And Ties Optional This Summer For Ontario Government Employees

Ontario Government’s Cool Clothing Campaign Promotes Energy Savings

Office of the Premier

Ontario government employees are being encouraged to shed jackets and ties for the summer to help save energy and fight climate change, announced Premier Dalton McGuinty.

"We're asking everyone to do their part to protect the environment," said Premier McGuinty. "Wearing more comfortable clothing during warmer months cuts down on the air conditioning we use and increases awareness about how important it is that we all address the challenge of climate change."

The new summer campaign is being launched so thermostats in government offices can be set at approximately 26 degrees. This reduces electricity use and cuts carbon dioxide emissions to help fight climate change. The OPS-wide campaign takes effect immediately. Government workers are being encouraged to leave jackets and ties at home until after Labour Day.

"Reducing the energy we use is something everyone can do to help our environment," said Government Services Minister Gerry Phillips. "This initiative is one more way the OPS is helping to reduce the amount of energy we consume. Every step we take to protect our environment is a step in the right direction."

Ontario joins other businesses and governments, like Japan, in urging employees to put away their jackets and ties for the summer to save energy.

Other tips for conserving during hot and humid summer weather include:

  • Closing blinds during the daytime
  • Setting air conditioning a few degrees higher, or turning it off altogether when you're not home
  • Limiting water use, especially during peak times
  • Turning off lights and computers before you leave
  • Minimizing the use of appliances, and
  • Hang-drying laundry.

"If every one of us contributes, together we can have a real impact," said Premier McGuinty. "Just imagine the change we can effect, working together. We can build a cleaner, greener and more sustainable Ontario for our kids, their kids and the generations still to come."

Encouraging workers to dress appropriately for warmer weather is just one way the McGuinty government is getting results that help the environment. Other initiatives include:

  • Protecting more than 1.8 million acres in the Golden Horseshoe from urban sprawl with the Greenbelt Plan
  • Supporting public transit by delivering $1.4 billion in gas tax revenue over five years
  • Improving air quality in the GTA by closing the Lakeview Generating Station -- the equivalent of removing 500,000 cars from our roads.

Since 2004-05, 114 energy conservation-related projects have been launched across the province, resulting in a projected reduction of 83-million kWh -- enough to power nearly 7,000 average homes for one year. The Ontario government is on track to meet its 10 per cent energy conservation target by the end of 2007.

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