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What People Are Saying About Today's Announcement

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What People Are Saying About Today's Announcement

Office of the Premier

"This is the boldest, most visionary development in the history of the Greater Toronto Area and will transform the region into a community where public transit makes a real difference. Where there's a will, there's a way, and this announcement makes it clear that this government has the will to make it happen."

Michael W. Roschlau, President and Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Urban Transit Association

"This government's unprecedented investment in public transit in the GTA will have a huge impact on improving traffic and in contributing to economic growth.  This is a tremendous shot in the arm for public transit and our Associations look forward to working with the Provincial Government and with stakeholders to help make it all happen.

Beatrice Schmied, Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Public Transit Association

"Solving our municipal infrastructure deficit can really only be solved through significant, sustained and predictable infrastructure investments.  The benefits of increasing inter-regional transit are numerous and invaluable to citizens, the economy and our environment."

Doug Reycraft, President of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario

"This is wonderful news. Serious transit infrastructure expansion has lagged for over 20 years in the GTA, but this historic funding announcement should put public transit back on track for the next 20.  It shows an excellent commitment to cities."

"The new six month cap on environmental assessments is itself a monumental breakthrough as EAs on public transit had so lost track of their purpose they were forever stalling transit projects and driving up costs to prohibitive levels."

Paul Bedford, Urban Mentor and Chief Planner Emeritus, City of Toronto & Board of Directors, Greater Toronto Transportation Authority

 "Today's announcement is historic in proportion. It affords the GTTA an immense opportunity to positively influence the day-to-day lives of people in Greater Toronto and Hamilton. It will surely be viewed as a key turning point in our region's history towards a sustainable transportation system."

Robert MacIsaac, Chair, Greater Toronto Transportation Authority

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