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McGuinty Government Improving Ottawa Road 174

Archived News Release

McGuinty Government Improving Ottawa Road 174

Helping Commuters And Families Spend Less Time In Traffic

Office of the Premier

The government is helping to widen Ottawa Road 174/Prescott-Russell Road 17 in a move that will reduce congestion, improve safety and keep people and goods moving, said Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.

"The work we're announcing today is about jobs -- because keeping people and goods moving safely and efficiently helps businesses expand and it attracts new investments to the area," said Premier McGuinty. "Ottawa is Ontario's second-largest city and its growth helps sustain a high quality of life throughout the province."

Subject to the successful completion of an environmental assessment, Ottawa Road 174/Prescott-Russell Road 17 will be widened from two to four lanes from Trim Road to County Road 8 -- a distance of 22 kilometres. Improving access to this road will also make Highway 417 safer and less congested. The province is contributing up to $40 million and it is contingent on the federal government contributing approximately one-third of the total cost.

"As a longtime advocate for improving 174/17, I'm pleased that everyone who lives, works or commutes in the Ottawa area will benefit from this investment," added Glengarry-Prescott-Russell MPP Jean-Marc Lalonde. "This work will improve safety for the more than 11,000 drivers who travel between Clarence-Rockland and Trim Road daily."

"I am ecstatic over this announcement. This is the most important announcement for this area in years", said Jean-Yves Lalonde, Warden of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell. "The expansion of 174/17 will boost the economy and make driving so much safer for the residents of Prescott and Russell."

The McGuinty government is helping commuters and families spend less time in traffic by:

  • Proceeding with the planning and design of Highway 417 from Vanier Parkway to Ottawa Road 174, Pending approval of the environmental assessment
  • Designing the replacement of the Cyrville Road Bridge located over Highway 417
  • Investing $48 million to widen Highway 417 from two to four lanes from Highway 417 to west of Jinkinson Road and
  • Widening Highway 417 from four to eight lanes from Highway 416 to Eagleson Road.

"Fixing the split is an important project to keep commuters moving within the region," said Ottawa Orleans MPP Phil McNeely. "I am very pleased that we are moving forward and that it will also improve safety and traffic flow for drivers who use the 417 and 174 area daily."

Since 2003, the McGuinty government has committed $6.3 billion to highways, roads and bridges and $4.9 billion in public transit, including more than $375 million in transit funding for the Ottawa area. And, as part of Move Ontario, the City of Ottawa received more than $32 million that may be used for municipal roads and bridges.

"The Ottawa region has a great quality of life and we have to keep working together to ensure a prosperous future," said Premier McGuinty. "We're making sure the infrastructure is there so businesses can expand, roads are safer and so people can get around and enjoy all this region has to offer."



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