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Premier McGuinty Welcomes Students And Teachers Back To School

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Premier McGuinty Welcomes Students And Teachers Back To School

Government Continues With Its Plan To Provide Opportunity For Students

Office of the Premier

Premier Dalton McGuinty today welcomed students and teachers back to school and praised them for working hard to raise the bar and improve student achievement.

"The first day of school is all about the hope parents have for their kids -- and how much they're counting on our public schools to give their kids a great education," said Premier McGuinty. "That's why I'm so pleased to help celebrate another great year of continuing to make our public schools the best they can be."

Premier McGuinty made his comments at Oakwood Public School in Oakville, where he welcomed students back to school.

"We've made tremendous improvements over the past four years," said Kathleen Wynne, Minister of Education. "The new school year holds great promise for every student, and we will continue to provide the support they need to build on past success and see even more improvements in the future."

Since being elected to office, the McGuinty government has increased total education funding by more than $3.7 billion. This has helped make significant improvements to publicly-funded education, including:

  • Higher test scores -- results for all Grade 3 and 6 assessment areas have improved since the McGuinty government came to office in 2003. The majority of test results have improved by at least 10 percentage points over the past four years.
  • Smaller class sizes -- Four years ago, one quarter of all primary students were in classes of 25 students or more. This fall, Ontario is on track to meet the goal of 90 per cent of primary classes having 20 or fewer students. This will lead to even more individualized attention and better learning.
  • Healthier, safer schools -- More than 8,000 construction projects are completed or underway at schools, part of the ongoing support for $4-billion worth of repairs, renovations and new schools.

"We can't be complacent when it comes to public education -- and we can't go back to the way things were four years ago -- with teacher strikes, crumbling schools and low student achievement," said Premier McGuinty. "We now have a foundation for success -- and we have to keep moving forward, together."



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