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Premier McGuinty Introduces New Cabinet

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Premier McGuinty Introduces New Cabinet

Remarks By Dalton McGuinty, Premier Of Ontario — Check Against Delivery

Office of the Premier

Your Honour, my Lord Chief Justice, distinguished guests, colleagues, friends and family:

Today, my colleagues and I are humbled and honoured.

Humbled by the trust placed in us by the people of Ontario.

And honoured to be their servants.

This is a special event for all of us gathered here in this Chamber.

But far more extraordinary events are happening at this very moment, a few blocks away from here, and in cities and towns right across our Ontario.

Right now, a baby is being born and that baby's parents are hopeful.

My colleagues and I dedicate ourselves, not to the political dictates of the moment, but to the hopes and dreams we share with those parents for their newborn.

Right now, a little boy is learning to read.

We commit ourselves to make his school the best it can be, so he has the education he needs to be the best he can be.

Right now, a struggling parent is working at two jobs to make ends meet.

We resolve on behalf of that parent to fight against child poverty, by implementing the Ontario Child Benefit, and committing to introduce a new dental benefit for children in low-income families.

Right now, Ontarians of untold courage are battling disease, and dedicated angels of compassion and knowledge are fighting alongside them.

We, too, dedicate ourselves to the care of our sick and our suffering.

We will further strengthen medicare by tackling chronic disease, training more doctors, hiring more nurses and continuing to bring wait times down.

Right now, a mother is hard at work, on the job, hoping traffic on the way home won't be so bad that she'll miss her child's soccer game.

We embrace our responsibility to that mother to tackle gridlock by dramatically expanding and improving rapid transit, to unclog the arteries of commerce, of course, but to provide families with more precious time together, most of all.

Right now, a policeman or firefighter or paramedic is putting himself in harm's way, on behalf of all of us, and a young person is facing a choice to do right or to do wrong.

We will continue our fight for safe communities built on good choices.

We will be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime.

Right now, an Ontarian has an exciting new idea.  Another, an entrepreneur, is seeking a new venture.  And a manufacturer is searching for a breakthrough product that will be irresistible to billions around the world.

With the help of our Next Generation Jobs Fund, we will work to bring those people together to create good jobs and build the innovative and prosperous economy that makes all things possible.

Right now, an aging couple is looking for a little help to stay in their own home, after their generation has done so much to build our home -- Ontario.

We will honour our seniors' commitment to us by expanding home care for them and helping with their property taxes.

My friends, the only truly extraordinary thing about us in here is we get to serve those out there.

And we have work to do on their behalf.

With their ballots, Ontarians recognized the strong foundation we have built together over the past four years and they have demanded that we build upon it.

And so we will.

Ours is a government of idealists.

We are inspired by those we serve -- the people of Ontario.

Their hopes are our hopes; their dreams are our dreams.

Ours is a government of optimists.

We know that if we strengthen the education and skills, health and prosperity of Ontarians, we can take on the world -- and win.

And ours is a government of activists -- actively creating opportunity for all.

Because we understand that a province of 13 million can only compete in the global economy if we all move forward together.

We need everyone at their best.

We can take on the giants ... but only if we stand on each other's shoulders.

That's the Ontario way: working and building and dreaming together.

With their ballots, Ontarians made three things very clear.

They want our children to learn and grow together, they want a positive plan for the future, and while they don't expect perfection, they insist on progress.

We will deliver on all three counts.

Let others defend the status quo.

Our mandate is to lead our great province forward and to do it the Ontario way, by bringing people together.

T.S. Eliot once wrote: "What life have you if you have not life together? There is no life that is not in community."

I say to my colleagues:

Together, we have before us a rare opportunity to live life in community with our fellow Ontarians -- to serve them.

Let us seize this opportunity with enthusiasm.

Let us honour Ontarians by working as hard as they do.

Together, let us be relentless in our pursuit of a stronger Ontario -- a more caring Ontario.

An Ontario that can inspire the world.

Thank you.

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