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What The Experts Are Saying

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What The Experts Are Saying

Office of the Premier

"This legislation is an important step to protect the health of children and young people. Trimming down the amount of trans fats consumed by children will help reduce the rate of obesity, which will assist in reducing diseases such as Type 2 diabetes."

Ontario's Acting Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David Williams.

"We are very pleased the government is joining us in our fight against trans fats. We look forward to working together to make our schools a healthier environment for our children."

Rocco Rossi, CEO of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario

"Good nutrition is important to people of all ages, but it is particularly significant for the healthy growth and development of children and adolescents. Well-nourished children and youth are more likely to be better prepared to learn, be active and maintain their health as adults."

Tara Brown, Registered Dietician and Chair of the Ontario Society of Nutrition Professionals in Public Health.

"We strongly support and applaud Ontario's proposed ban on trans fat in schools. Schools must set an example in all areas of life, including nutrition. This will send a message to children and their parents that they should avoid trans fats, and become more conscientious about the food choices that they make."

Stephen Joseph, CEO, www.BanTransFats.com

"Healthy Eating is a critical component of an active healthy school community. Ophea is supportive of the introduction of Healthy Food for Healthy Schools Act and the government's broader commitment to Healthy Schools."

Chris Markham, Executive Director, Ontario Physical and Health Education Association

"Healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle for our students are goals shared by all the partners in publicly funded education. We wholeheartedly support the introduction of this legislation as one of the ways to assist us to achieve these goals."

Bernard Murray, Ontario Catholic School Trustees' Association President

"A healthy mind depends on a healthy body. This is an important step forward for our kids and their success."

Kathleen Wynne, Minister of Education

"Our message is clear: the road to better health starts in childhood. Healthier choices for students mean healthier habits later in life."

Margarett Best, Minister of Health Promotion



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