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"Bagging It Back" For A Greener Ontario

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"Bagging It Back" For A Greener Ontario

McGuinty Government's New Recycling Program Getting Results

Office of the Premier

Ontarians are cashing in their empty alcohol containers for greener communities.

Since the Bag It Back program launched a year ago, consumers are on track to return 65 per cent of their alcohol containers to The Beer Store for recycling.

"Ontarians are saying 'Yes' to a greener environment," said Premier Dalton McGuinty.  "We're doing a great job with the big bottles, but we can do even better by bringing back more of the other containers as well."

The return rate for smaller bottles, plastic, Tetra-Paks and bag-in-box containers is still low at 48 per cent.

Under the Bag It Back program, customers pay a deposit when they purchase wine, spirits and beer.  They then return the empty alcohol containers to The Beer Store for a full refund.  Glass bottles, cans, plastic, Tetra Paks and bag-in-box containers are all eligible.

"Bag it Back is definitely positive," said Doug Reycraft, President, Association of Municipalities of Ontario.  "As we see more space in the Blue Box for other products, it reminds us of the need to make progress on reducing post-consumer packaging and use of more recyclable packaging materials."

The Bag It Back program also reduces landfill waste and boosts the number of products that can be made from recycled material.  Those products include bottles and cans, carpeting and fibreglass insulation.

Find out the closest Bag It Back location near you.  Learn more about Ontario's Go Green plan and what you can do to help.



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