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Community Development Trust

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Community Development Trust

Office of the Premier

This Community Development Trust Fund will support a three-year plan for transition, skills training and new job opportunities for workers who are being negatively impacted by the collapse of the U.S. housing market, the lower U.S. dollar, increasing foreign competition and other circumstances that are now challenging certain sectors of the Ontario economy.

Ontario's $358-million share of the Trust will be used for programs to support improved productivity and competitiveness, technology development, and training for affected workers and communities in agriculture, forestry, and manufacturing (including the automotive sector). Initiatives will include new skills training centres to provide up-to-date training for Ontario students and unemployed workers who require skills upgrading. Specific measures will be undertaken to help communities in northwestern Ontario which have been hard hit by layoffs in the forestry sector.

The Province will consult on the best ways to apply and leverage the new funding for maximum benefit to Ontario workers. The new federal funding is intended to support these specific priorities over several years.

Public Transit Capital Trust 2008

Public transit plays an important role in easing traffic congestion in urban areas and contributing to cleaner air and lower greenhouse gas emissions. In Budget 2006, the Government of Canada set aside $1.3 billion in support of public transit infrastructure and introduced a new tax credit for public transit passes.

Budget 2008 set aside up to $500 million in 2007--08 to be paid into a third-party trust, allocated on a per capita basis, for public transit infrastructure such as rapid transit, rail, transit buses, and high occupancy vehicle and bicycle lanes. Provinces and territories are encouraged to report publicly on the expenditures financed and outcomes achieved.

Between 2005 and 2010, the Ontario government and its partners will invest more than $30 billion in public infrastructure. Ontario is expected to announce further progress on this goal by making additional significant investments in public transit infrastructure supported, in part, by $195 million from the federal Public Transit Capital Trust. Among these will be a commitment to initiate a joint study for a Peterborough commuter rail line, accelerate the extension of the GO Transit line from Lakeshore East to Bowmanville, and to launch a regular GO bus service to Peterborough.

Police Officers Recruitment Fund

A paramount responsibility of government is to protect its citizens' rights to safety and security. The Government of Canada takes this responsibility seriously, and in Budget 2008 provided funding to provinces and territories to support them in recruiting 2,500 new front-line police officers.

Under the federal government's national effort to recruit 2,500 police officers across the country over the next five years, Ontario will receive $156 million from the new Police Officers Recruitment Fund. This funding will help the Province increase the number of police officers in Ontario and is a first step to help build on the Province's strategies to address top public safety priorities.

Provincial and territorial governments are encouraged to report directly to their residents on the expenditures financed and outcomes achieved with the funding provided through the Police Officers Recruitment Fund.



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