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Ontario coordinating global effort to fight cancer

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Ontario coordinating global effort to fight cancer

McGuinty Government Invests In International Cancer Genome Consortium

Office of the Premier

Ontario will coordinate a new global effort to investigate the links between genetics and cancer. New information will help health care professionals detect cancer earlier and treat patients more effectively.

The International Cancer Genome Consortium will work with the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) to coordinate the work of scientists around the world. A new unit hosted at the OICR will collect research data and share it with scientists worldwide. Genetic information derived from cancer cells will help identify better ways to kill tumours and tailor treatment to specific cancer types.

The government is investing $40 million in the ten-year project. It will be a magnet for other investments and create jobs for more than 50 researchers. The project is part of Ontario's $3-billion innovation agenda, which is aimed at building a stronger economy, creating high-quality jobs and improving life for people.

Quick Facts

  • More than 60,000 Ontarians are diagnosed with cancer each year.
  • The cancer genome project will generate 25,000 times more data than the Human Genome Project.
  • Toronto is the fourth-largest biomedical research centre in North America.
  • Each new research and development job creates four to seven related jobs.

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“Cancer is devastating to families and that's why we're doing all we can to help save lives. This investment puts Ontario at the forefront of international research that will save lives around the world.”

Dalton McGuinty

Premier of Ontario

“In just two years the OICR has earned an international reputation for unique and innovative research, attracting many top researchers from around the globe. Ontarians can be proud that the international cancer research community has chosen OICR as the location for this invaluable and massive undertaking.”

John Wilkinson

Minister of Research and Innovation

“The Ontario government's strong innovation agenda and large investments in cancer research were instrumental in my decision to become OICR's President and Scientific Director and in attracting top talent such as Dr. John McPherson and Dr. Lincoln Stein to OICR. OICR was chosen to host the ICGC secretariat and data centre because of the strong team we have built with the government's support. Our province has built an international reputation for research excellence, and the government's commitment to innovation is now being recognized on the international stage.”

Dr. Tom Hudson

Scientific Director and President of the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research



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