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Healthy mothers, healthy babies

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Healthy mothers, healthy babies

McGuinty Government Investing $4.6 Million In Ontario Perinatal Surveillance System

Office of the Premier

Ontario is working to ensure women and newborns receive the best care through a new province-wide database to monitor health outcomes.

The Ontario government is providing a one-time grant of $4.6 million to the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario to set up the Ontario Perinatal Surveillance System (OPSS) as a provincial resource to monitor, report and advise Ontarians on maternal-infant health outcomes.

The first database of its kind in North American, the OPSS will be used to:

  • Ensure mothers and newborns receive timely and high-quality maternal-child services across Ontario.
  • Make sure the services are tailored to meet patient needs.
  • Provide prompt information about emerging maternal-newborn health issues.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario has 784 neonatal intensive care beds operating in 45 hospitals.
  • About 19 per cent of all women giving birth in Ontario are high-risk pregnancies, which equals about 24,000 women per year.
  • About 12 per cent of all babies require an advanced level of care, which equals about 16,200 babies per year.

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“Our government wants to make sure mothers and newborns are receiving the best possible health care services. The Ontario Perinatal Surveillance System will provide us with important information to ensure timely and high quality care.”

Dalton McGuinty

Premier of Ontario

“The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario is a leader in helping newborns get the healthiest start in life. Our investment in the Ontario Perinatal Surveillance System will ensure that this same quality care will be provided to all mothers and newborns across the province.”

Madeleine Meilleur

MPP, Ottawa-Vanier



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