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Creating Jobs, Building Ontario

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Creating Jobs, Building Ontario

McGuinty Government Stimulating Economy With Investment In Infrastructure

Office of the Premier

Ontario's infrastructure will get a $32.5 billion boost over the next two years, improving the roads, schools, and public transit that Ontario families -- and our economy -- rely upon.

The investment will create and support more than 300,000 jobs and make significant long-term improvements to transportation, health care, and education infrastructure.

Building infrastructure is an important part of the government's plan to stimulate the economy. Right now, Ontario has hundreds of infrastructure projects underway, including more than 40 hospital construction projects.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario will spend $27.5 billion over the next two years. Through their budget, the federal government is contributing $5 billion, bringing the total investment to $32.5 billion - the largest two-year investment ever in Ontario’s infrastructure.
  • Transportation projects will receive the most funding over the next two years, at $9 billion, followed by health care at $7 billion, and education at $4 billion, creating and supporting an estimated 146,000 jobs in 2009-10 and 168,000 jobs in 2010-11.
  • Ontario invested $18 billion in infrastructure over the past two years, creating and sustaining more than 85,000 jobs in 2007-08 and 100,000 jobs in 2008-09.

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“We’re making this investment in infrastructure because it creates jobs today and builds the foundation for tomorrow’s success. That’s why it’s a key part of our plan for the economy.”

Dalton McGuinty

Ontario Premier

“We’re building roads, water/wastewater, schools and hospitals because Ontario’s future growth and success depends on them.”

George Smitherman

Minister of Energy and Infrastructure



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