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OPP Celebrates 100 Years

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OPP Celebrates 100 Years

Office of the Premier

Thank you very much.

It is a real pleasure to be here with you tonight to celebrate 100 years of our OPP.

I know that we all agree, our OPP is without peer anywhere. And I want to congratulate Commissioner Fantino and everyone involved, particularly, Sam Ciccolini, for all that you've done to make this anniversary celebration the tremendous success that it is.

And congratulations to OPP officers Guy Higgott and Eric Howells. These two fellows ran a patrol across northern Ontario, just like they did in the old days, from Hearst to Moosonee to Cochrane by snowshoe, dogsled and rail.

And it seems to me the qualities that enabled you to complete your journey are the very ones that have inspired our OPP for over 100 years: determination, strength, but above all, integrity. Those qualities define our OPP. Just as the OPP have helped define and shape Ontario.

The way I see it, you're not just part of our history, you're part of our lives and our communities every day.

When we're kids, you come to our classroom and you teach us about safety.

When we're teenagers we see you from the road, hopefully from a distance, because you're there enforcing our safety.

And as adults we take comfort in knowing you're out there -- in our classrooms, on our roads, in our communities, watching over our kids, just as you watched over us.

For 100 years, you've stood for justice, order and peace. You demanded this. You demanded this for Ontarians and we are the better for it.

We are very proud of our Ontario Provincial Police. Grateful for the sacrifice and duty of those who came before you and grateful for the commitment, the selflessness and the courage you continue to show today.

While Ontario has changed over the past 100 years, your determination, your strength and above all your integrity endured.

So to all our officers, family and friends here tonight, on behalf of all Ontarians thank you for your public service.

Thank you for you unwavering devotion to our safety and security.

Thank you for the tremendous contribution you make to our quality of life in Ontario, the greatest province in the best country in the world.

Thank you very much.



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