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New Rules To Protect Taxpayers' Money

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New Rules To Protect Taxpayers' Money

Ontario To Require Competitive Bids For Consulting Services

Office of the Premier

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has directed the Ontario Government to change the way it handles consulting contracts.

From now on, the government and all its agencies will no longer allow sole-sourced contracts for consulting services. Consulting services will be open to a fully competitive and transparent process.

Under the new rules, the Ontario government and all its agencies will not pay consultants for any hospitality, incidental and food expenses. Expenses related to flights, train and car travel and hotel rooms will continue to be reimbursed by the government and its agencies.

Quick Facts

  • All rules take effect immediately and include consulting services for policy, communications and IT projects.
  • These reforms will apply to government ministries and its agencies, including eHealth, LCBO, WSIB, Hydro One, Ontario Power Generation, Infrastructure Ontario and OLG.
  • Management Board of Cabinet will be responsible for enacting these new rules.
  • Ontario has reduced its reliance on consultants by 41 per cent. Consulting expenditures in 2001/02 were $656 million and have been reduced to $389 million in 2007/08.


“With these reforms, Ontario taxpayers' money will be better protected. We are raising the bar by introducing new rules to ensure that our government gets the best value for taxpayers' money.”

Dalton McGuinty

Premier of Ontario



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