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Premier Announces Changes To Ontario Cabinet

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Premier Announces Changes To Ontario Cabinet

Minister Matthews To Focus On Wait Times, Access To Primary Care

Office of the Premier

Following the report of the Auditor General on problems at eHealth and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Premier Dalton McGuinty today accepted the resignation of David Caplan as Minister of Health.

Deb Matthews becomes the new Minister of Health and Long-Term Care. Her mandate will be to achieve lower wait times in emergency rooms for Ontarians, improve care for diabetics and get more Ontario families access to a doctor, nurse or nurse practitioner.

Laurel Broten becomes Ontario's Minister of Children and Youth Services. Minister Broten is tasked with improving the lives of children and youth by reducing child poverty and getting all children off to the best start in life.

Since June of this year, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, eHealth Ontario and all ministries and agencies have been living with new, stronger rules and oversight. Under the new rules, if a ministry or an agency needs to hire a consultant, there must be a competitive process to ensure that taxpayers' interests are protected.

Minister Matthews will ensure that procurement rules in the ministry and its agencies are followed, and that taxpayer dollars are protected.

Quick Facts

  • Laurel Broten also becomes Minister Responsible for Women's Issues.

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“We have ended the practice that has carried on for decades under governments of all political stripes. Together, our package of reforms will protect taxpayers and bring an end to untendered contracts for consulting services.”

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