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Nurse Practitioner Clinic Remarks

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Nurse Practitioner Clinic Remarks

Office of the Premier

Thank you, Aileen for that kind introduction.

It's great to be back in Barrie and at Georgian College.

I was here in July with Aileen and announced $1.5 million in funding for new equipment.

And Aileen was here recently at the Centre for Health and Wellness' ground breaking ceremony and we're honoured to contribute $20 million to this project.

I want to thank Aileen for all the hard work she does.

She understands Barrie -- understands its people.

She helped bring the GO train back to Barrie,

And brought more cancer care to the Royal Vic.

So I think I speak for everyone when I say to Aileen -- for all your hard work, thank you.

I'm also pleased to be here with Minister Matthews.

She's taken on a big file in recent weeks and is already doing a great job getting us through this very different kind of flu season.

Thanks, Deb, for being here to celebrate a great day for Barrie, a great day for Georgian College and a great day for nurses in Ontario.

And none of us would be here without Doris Grinspun.

She's got a great vision for modern health care and the role nurse practitioners can play in it.

Doris helped my government better understand that it's one thing to take quiet pride in the work nurses do.

And it's another thing to take full advantage -- in the best sense -- of their knowledge and skills.

Nurse Practitioners are highly trained professionals.

They can do much for Ontario families and we are moving to take full advantage of their knowledge and skills.

Thank you, Doris, for your dedication and legendary persistence.

I'm here to announce that Georgian College will be opening a new clinic led by nurse practitioners.

So if you hurt yourself playing hockey or you just stumble home and you're not sure if you broke that ankle or just sprained it,

Instead of going to the emergency room, now you can hobble over to the clinic, see a nurse practitioner, get an x-ray if you need it, and these folks will get you on your way

And instead of a family bringing their child into emergency with a sore throat,

That mom and dad can come to this clinic, have their child diagnosed by a nurse practitioner and get the treatment and prescription their child needs to get better.

It'll mean faster care for patients closer to home that is convenient. And it means you don't have to go to the ER. That's less expensive.

We're committed to having 25 clinics led by nurse practitioners up and running by 2012.

Across the province, seven more nurse practitioner-led clinics and 19 new family health teams will be announced in the coming weeks.

This is the next step in our plan to provide more access to health care for Ontarians.

Ontario is the first place in North America to have Nurse Practitioner-led clinics. We're very proud of that.

This is the future of primary health care -- health care that is integrated, smooth and that focuses on prevention

It's the kind of health care that promises a better future for all of us,

One where our care is more convenient and more affordable.

It's the kind of health care the nursing students here today will be providing to us.

And I'd like to thank you all for being here today.

You're studying at one of the best colleges in Ontario and we need you to be your best -- so Ontario can be its best.

Thank you for understanding that when you provide loving care to people, you're not just caring for anyone,

You'll care for our mothers and fathers.

Our sons and daughters,

Our brothers and sisters,

You'll care for our friends.

All the people we care for, you'll care for.

And for that, we're all grateful.

Together we will improve everyone's quality of life all across this province...

So Ontario can continue to be productive, healthy, and strong.

Thank you.



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