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Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association Visits Queen's Park

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Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association Visits Queen's Park

Office of the Premier

Thank you Fred, Mark and Barry, for bringing us together once again.

To all of you, thanks for your hard work today and every day.

When others rush out, that's when you rush in.

You protect our families and our businesses.

You do it bravely, professionally, with leadership and with courage.

You know, a firefighter once told me, "There's no such thing as a routine fire."

And you know what?

I'm starting to believe there's no such thing as an ordinary firefighter, either.

Let me give you a few examples of what I mean.

Last year, I spoke about your tremendous support for our firefighter George Copeland.

George's life changed forever when he was injured on the job.

After treatment, he couldn't go home because his house no longer met his needs.

In just four days members of the Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association, and the community, rallied to raise enough money and volunteers to build George a new house.

It was "Extreme Home Makeover" Firefighter edition.

That was a great story and it could have stopped right there.

But then, George, the Windsor Professional Firefighters Association and Greater Windsor Homebuilders decided to take it even further.

This past May, they presented a cheque for $70,000 towards the expansion of the Windsor Regional Hospital's rehabilitation program.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the province, firefighter Randy Young has completed the Chair Aware Challenge.

Randy spent a day in a wheelchair to raise awareness and funds for Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

To date, the Ottawa Professional Firefighters Association has raised more than $650,000 for this cause.

I could tell dozens of stories like these, stories of how our firefighters are doing great things right across Ontario.

I could tell one story for each of your members.

Every day, you're making a difference on and off the job.

That's why my government is proud to support your work.

Working together, we've made real progress in a number of areas, ranging from presumptive legislation, to respecting our fallen firefighters by restoring their memorial to a state worthy of the honour we owe them.

Over the next couple days you'll have the chance to visit Queen's Park, talk to MPP's and build on our relationships.

Working together, we can do even better to keep our communities, friends and families, safer.



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