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Ontario Leading The Way In Water Opportunities

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Ontario Leading The Way In Water Opportunities

Premier McGuinty Addresses Inaugural Canadian Water Summit

Office of the Premier

Ontario is poised to become North America's leader in clean water technology.

The province is in an excellent position to help provide solutions as worldwide demand for fresh water increases dramatically. Ontario has an abundance of innovative experts in clean water technology and water conservation. The premier delivered this message today at the Canadian Water Summit in Toronto.

In May, Ontario introduced the Water Opportunities Act and Water Conservation Act. It would encourage the creation and export of innovative clean water technology, promote water conservation, attract economic development and create jobs. The proposed act would:

  • Make Ontario a North American leader in developing and selling water technologies and services through the creation of the Water Technology Acceleration Project (TAP) -- a technology hub bringing together industry, academics and government to develop the sector and promote it abroad.
  • Encourage Ontarians to use water more efficiently by creating and implementing innovative approaches to conservation.
  • Strengthen sustainable municipal water planning by helping them identify and plan for long term infrastructure needs.

The water opportunities strategy is one of the key elements of the five-year Open Ontario Plan.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario has more than 225,000 lakes.
  • Over the next 20 years, worldwide demand for water is expected to exceed supply by 40 per cent.
  • Ontario's water sector employs 22,000 people.

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“The global demand for fresh water shows that our world needs Ontario. Our proposed Water Opportunities Act will fill that need. We have a responsibility to conserve water and share our growing expertise in water technology with the world. This will attract economic development while creating jobs for our families.”

Dalton McGuinty

Premier of Ontario



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