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Ontario High Tech Investments Turn Into Jobs

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Ontario High Tech Investments Turn Into Jobs

McGuinty Government Supporting Ideas That Create Jobs

Office of the Premier

Ontario's 3-D future is already paying dividends in jobs and investment for today's digital inventors and entrepreneurs.

Premier McGuinty visited the Digital Media Zone (DMZ) at Ryerson University today to meet the young entrepreneurs who are driving Ontario's high tech future with digital media innovations and solutions. Since the DMZ opened in April 2010, the leading-edge digital technology incubator has helped launch 14 companies creating 65 new jobs.

At the DMZ, students and entrepreneurs are developing web-based, social media and high-tech applications including 3-D technology for use in entertainment, medical and community service industries.

The DMZ is an example of education and innovation coming together to create business and good jobs. Investing in postsecondary education and encouraging job creation is part of the Open Ontario Plan to grow a stronger economy.

Quick Facts

  • Ryerson University received over $186 million in operating funding from the Ontario government in 2009-10. The DMZ is supported, in part, from this operating funding.
  • Products developed at DMZ, currently on the market, include mobile photo sharing app Burstn, the service app Mobile Transit Companion for the Paris Metro system and social buying site TeamSave.
  • Through the Knowledge Infrastructure Program, Ontario is contributing $16.4 million to the renewal of the Image Arts and New Media building at Ryerson University.

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“Ryerson's Digital Media Zone is a model for the Ontario economy - a place where people with energy, ideas and passion come together to create technologies that people will use and create high skilled jobs.”

Dalton McGuinty

Premier of Ontario

“The Ontario government recognizes that students and young people are natural innovators and entrepreneurs. By supporting Ryerson University, the government supports the Digital Media Zone, a unique space where young entrepreneurs are given the tools and resources they need to innovate, collaborate, bring new products to market and create innovative digital solutions for industry. This is where digital innovators learn together, work together, launch businesses together and create jobs together.”

Sheldon Levy

President, Ryerson University



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