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Ontario And Toronto Moving Forward On Public Transit

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Ontario And Toronto Moving Forward On Public Transit

Public Transit Investment Will Create Over 100,000 Jobs

Office of the Premier

Premier Dalton McGuinty and Mayor Rob Ford have reached a deal on a revised transit plan that will create jobs and help keep the city moving.

Ontario, through Metrolinx, will be responsible for building the Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown Light Rail Transit (LRT) which will be a single LRT line running about 25 kilometres from Black Creek Drive to Scarborough City Centre. The line will be largely underground from Black Creek to Kennedy, then partially elevated from Kennedy to the Scarborough City Centre.

Under the new plan, Toronto would extend the Sheppard Subway to Downsview station in the west and Scarborough City Centre in the east, incorporating the project into the TTC subway system. Toronto would also introduce and operate an enhanced bus service between the new Finch West subway station and Humber College.

Improving public transit will create jobs, help commuters get to work and home quicker and support future growth.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario is contributing $8.4 billion to the revised Toronto transit plan.
  • The City will be harnessing the private sector using innovative financing methods to fund the Sheppard Subway extension.
  • The Sheppard Subway extension will be 13 kilometres in length and have 9 new stations.
  • The LRT line will have up to 26 station stops and will operate largely below ground along Eglinton and along the existing Scarborough Rapid Transit right-of-way.

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“This is exciting news for commuters. More people will be able to get across town quickly. That means more students can get to classes faster and more moms and dads can get to and from work sooner.”

Dalton McGuinty

Premier of Ontario

“This is a key part of our bigger strategy to build a Transportation City that will connect Toronto together, reduce gridlock and make Toronto a better place to live, work and play.”

Rob Ford

Mayor of Toronto

“This plan means that we can move forward with our top regional priority, the Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown LRT. It will be built as a continuous line that gives riders a new east to west link across Toronto and connects them to the Yonge-University-Spadina subway and the GO Transit network.”

Kathleen Wynne

Minister of Transportation



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