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Premier's Statement On Mumbai Attacks

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Premier's Statement On Mumbai Attacks

Office of the Premier

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty released this statement following today's bombings in Mumbai, India:

"Today my thoughts are with the people of Mumbai and the hundreds of thousands of Ontarians who are concerned about events in India.

Here in Ontario, we are fortunate to have a community that traces their roots back to India and maintains strong ties with family and friends still there.

These ties enrich us when we celebrate and share our cultures and faiths. They lead to partnerships that open doors to opportunity here and in India.

And on days like this, those ties bring us closer together, through shared grief and resolve to stand up to the forces of hate.

Today, all Ontarians stand with their friends and neighbours who are worried about their loved ones. And we are filled with the hope that they will once again emerge stronger, just as they did after similar events in 2008.

On my second trade mission to India the following year, I stayed at one of the hotels that was attacked and witnessed first-hand the kind of character and determination that helped the people of Mumbai rebuild.

I have no doubt that they will come together again, full of resolve and determination. Their family and friends here in Ontario are with them."