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Ontario's Strong Plan For Economy Includes Support For Strong Film And Television Industry

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Ontario's Strong Plan For Economy Includes Support For Strong Film And Television Industry

Industry Contributed $1.26 billion to Ontario economy last year, up 31%

Office of the Premier

The Ontario government's strong support for the province's film and television production industry has helped the industry record its best year ever -- contributing $1.26 billion to the provincial economy last year.

Premier Dalton McGuinty visited Mr. X Inc. visual effects production studio in Toronto today. He talked about how Ontario's film and television tax credits help the industry compete in an economy challenged by a continuing strong Canadian dollar, aggressive competition from other cities and a lingering global recession.

There are 30,000 full-time direct and spin-off jobs in the film and television industry in Ontario. In March, Ontario led Canada in job creation generally with 46,000 new jobs.

The 2012 Ontario Budget, now being debated in the Legislature, is a strong plan for jobs and growth that will help protect the gains Ontario has made in schools and health care.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario's 2011 film & TV production activity contributed $1.26 billion to the economy -- an increase of $300 million or 31 per cent over 2010.
  • Spending was up in virtually all areas, including a 165 per cent increase in domestic film production and a 34 per cent increase in domestic television series.
  • Every million dollars of film and TV production in Ontario generates 23 full-time direct and spin-off jobs.

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“We're proud of our film and TV industry -- it attracts young people and investment, provides good jobs and lets the world see how our highly educated workers make the best entertainment in the world.”

Dalton McGuinty

Premier of Ontario

“The business environment in Ontario including the tax credit policies helped to foster our digital studio in the early days. Today we compete internationally and win projects in the face of fierce competition. We employ over 150 people and have invested over $2 million in our studio infrastructure. We continue to be very excited about our longer-term prospects and further growth.”

Dennis Berardi

President/VFX Supervisor, Mr. X Inc.



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