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Premier's Remarks At A Reception For Their Royal Highness, The Prince Of Wales And The Duchess of Cornwall, As Part Of The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

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Premier's Remarks At A Reception For Their Royal Highness, The Prince Of Wales And The Duchess of Cornwall, As Part Of The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Office of the Premier

Your Royal Highnesses it's an honour and a pleasure to have you join us ...

As we celebrate The Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

On behalf of Ontarians, I extend our warmest welcome to you.

And I must say we are proud to host you here in our Distillery District ...

Which was once home to the largest distillery in the British Empire ...

Producing at its peak, two million gallons of spirits a year ...

With a record of 153 years of continuous production.

Or, if you wish, continuous consumption. 

Today, the Distillery District is noted for something else: 

It is the largest and best-preserved example of Victorian industrial architecture in North America.

It is also Canada's largest pedestrian-only centre for arts, culture and entertainment --

And home to some of the finest performing arts companies in the country.

So this is an historic setting -- fitting for the celebration of an historic occasion.

Two years ago we welcomed Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh to Ontario.

It was an honour to host Her Majesty and His Royal Highness.

We were delighted by their visit ... and inspired by their commitment to service.

J'aimerais féliciter Sa Majesté la Reine à l'occasion de son jubilé de diamant.

Au cours de ces 60 années de changements sociaux, de révolution technologique et de transformation économique, Sa Majesté a fait preuve d'une extraordinaire générosité d'esprit.

I want to congratulate Her Majesty The Queen on her Diamond Jubilee.

Through 60 years of social change, technological revolution and economic transformation, ...

Her Majesty has shown an extraordinary generosity of spirit.

She has given her life to service and shown an unrelenting devotion to her duties.

And, for this, we are very grateful.

What's more, her Majesty inspires us and we are moved by her good example.

So many Ontarians share the Royal family's enduring commitment to service ...

And your Royal Highnesses will be meeting just a few of them today.

We're proud of our province and our hard-working people.

So it's always a pleasure to have you visit us and see what we've been achieving here.

This morning, we had the opportunity to see just a little of how we are building a brighter future together.

We visited the Digital Media Zone at Ryerson University ...

Then the Athletes' Village, which is being built for the Toronto 2015 Pan/Parapan American Games.

I know those are of particular interest to Your Royal Highnesses ...

Because of your interest in education and in community planning.

As you say, Sir, in your book Harmony, ...

You have devoted much of your life to "working to identify the best solutions" in education, sustainability, science and technology and the economy.

You advocate a holistic approach ...

Taking the best ideas of the past and the most forward-thinking ideas of the present to create a better way to live.

That's the approach we saw today at both places we visited.

The Digital Media Zone is really an idea zone.

It's a workplace and incubator where young entrepreneurs can meet in a university setting, ...

Building their businesses and sharing creative ways to plan, fund and market their dreams ...

Dreams that will lead to good jobs for Ontario families.

That's holistic, and it works.

The work that's underway at the Athletes' Village is another example of an integrated approach.

The village will improve our waterfront in a way that has been hoped-for and planned for decades.

It will bring new transit and infrastructure to a new neighbourhood, with much-needed new housing.

During the games, it will provide 10,000 athletes, coaches and team officials with a safe and supportive environment.

And after the games, it will leave a rich legacy for the community:

A new YMCA to help 8,000 people stay active and healthy ...

A new student residence for George Brown College, for 500 students ...

And a smart mix of market housing, affordable ownership housing and rental units.

Nous sommes fiers de ce que nous bâtissons... 

Ces espaces créatifs, harmonieux et innovateurs sont importants d'un point de vue architectural et culturel.

Mais nous sommes encore plus fiers de ce qu'ils représentent.

Une meilleure qualité de vie pour notre population...

Pour encore bien des années à venir.

We're proud of what we're building ...  

Exciting new businesses, new jobs and a new neighborhood ...

But we're even more proud of what they represent.

A better quality of life for our people ...

For years to come.

To commemorate Her Majesty the Queen's Diamond Jubilee ...

I am pleased to announce that a portion of the Pan Am Athletes' Village will be renamed "The Front Street Diamond Jubilee Promenade."

When it's completed, the promenade will have public art installations, beautiful landscaping and lighting ...

And cafes and shops to create a vibrant street life. 

Your Royal Highnesses, we hope you are enjoying your visit to Ontario.

For us, of course, your visits represent an occasion to reflect on the ties of culture and history that bind us together. 

But they are more than that.

Much more.

They are, for us, an opportunity to be inspired by your nobility.

And by that I mean something that transcends titles.

I mean the lives of service you have chosen to lead.

The good example you continue to set ... here, and around the world.

When you visit us you inspire us by your dedication to humanitarian causes ...

You uplift us by your unflagging service to others ...

And we see the way you shoulder the responsibilities of your royal duties in such an effortless way.

In return, we can offer you only our thanks.

Our thanks for your good work and your great kindness, friendship and service.

Thank you.



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