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Honouring Ontario's Outstanding Educators

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Honouring Ontario's Outstanding Educators

McGuinty Government Recognizes Teaching Excellence Award Winners

Office of the Premier

Ontario is honouring 20 teachers and support staff for their outstanding work in the province's schools and childcare centres.

The Premier's Awards for Teaching Excellence were created in 2006 to celebrate excellence in Ontario schools and recognize individuals who make an extraordinary difference in the lives of students. Those being honoured this year include:

  • A music therapist who works with deaf-blind students to find new ways to make music more accessible.
  •  A teacher who has connected students in her school with the larger Aboriginal community and helped instil a sense of pride in their heritage.
  • A full-day kindergarten team that has helped students achieve impressive results.
  • A new teacher who has helped students and colleagues understand the importance of science in their daily lives.

Awards were given in eight categories, including two new ones: Full-Day Kindergarten Team of the Year and Early Childhood Educator of the Year.

The McGuinty government is committed to recognizing outstanding educators and support staff and to working with its education partners to preserve jobs and ensure every student succeeds.

Quick Facts

  • More than 140 educators and support staff have received awards since they were created six years ago.
  • There are eight award categories: Teacher of the Year, New Teacher of the Year, Excellent Support Staff, Excellence in Leadership, Team of the Year, Lifetime Achievement, Full-Day Kindergarten Team of the Year and Early Childhood Educator of the Year.
  • An independent selection panel reviewed the nominations to select award recipients.
  • The panel was chaired by Brandie Weikle, former editor of the Toronto Star's parenting website, parentcentral.ca, and included an early childhood educator, parent, principal, student, support staff member and teacher.

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“Teachers, support staff, principals, teams and leaders at our schools know that education is not just a job, it's a calling. School is the most important place for our kids outside the home, and our kids and our schools are our investment in the future. It's important to honour and thank those who work so hard and so successfully in our schools.”

Dalton McGuinty

Premier of Ontario

“The Premier's Awards for Teaching Excellence are an excellent opportunity to recognize the dedicated professionals who are the heart and soul of our education and early learning system, and who work every day to build a brighter future for our children.”

Laurel Broten

Minister of Education



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