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Improving Services For Ontario Families

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Improving Services For Ontario Families

McGuinty Government Posts July 1 Regulation and Fee Changes, Ensures Transparency

Office of the Premier

Ontario is moving forward with changes to regulations and fees that will protect services, keep Ontarians safe and help the province stay on track to balance the Budget.

The regulations coming into effect July 1, 2012 include changes to:

  • The Public Hospitals Act, to allow nurse practitioners to admit patients to hospitals, helping to make the health system more efficient and contributing to reduced wait times.
  • The Retirement Homes Act, to include mandatory licensing of retirement homes, protect residents from abuse and neglect and ensure staff are properly trained.
  • The Building Code Act, to increase safety and minimize incidents of falling glass from balconies.

The changes also include updates to fees for some services -- some of which haven't been updated in 20 years. These modest increases will help recover the actual cost of providing the service.

Finding efficiencies and increasing transparency are key parts of the McGuinty government's plan to balance the Budget while protecting the services that matter most to Ontario families -- health care and education.

Quick Facts

  • Both the Auditor General and the Drummond Commission on the Reform of Ontario's Public Services recommended that where the Province charges a user fee for a service, that fee should recover the full cost of providing the service.
  • Since 2008, Ontario has eliminated over 80,000 regulatory requirements -- a 17.2 per cent reduction -- to make the province a more attractive place to do business.
  • Ontario delivers government services with the lowest per-capita number of provincial public servants.
  • For every dollar in new revenues outlined in the 2012 Budget, there are four dollars of savings and cost-control measures.

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“With these new regulations we're taking further steps to eliminate duplication and increase transparency while ensuring Ontario families are receiving the best possible services. Together, we'll make the right choices to protect the vital gains we've made.”

Dalton McGuinty

Premier of Ontario



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