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Strong Start for Students Heading to School

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Strong Start for Students Heading to School

McGuinty Government Helping Kids Get the Skills and Knowledge to Succeed

Office of the Premier

Nearly half of Ontario's four- and five-year-olds started their first day of school in full-day kindergarten today, a program that's in 1,700 schools this year and will be available in all schools by September 2014.

The province's commitment to higher student achievement is leading to impressive results including:
  • Smaller class sizes with 91 per cent of primary classes having 20 or fewer students compared to 31 per cent in 2003.
  • More than 13,400 new teachers funded since 2003.
  • More than 27,000 renewal projects and 570 new schools completed or underway across the province since 2003.
  • 70 per cent of grade 3 and 6 students mastering reading, writing, and math -- EQAO results increased 16 percentage points since 2003.
  • More high school students graduating -- now up to 82 per cent, from 68 per cent in 2003.
  • 210,000 more postsecondary students, including 60,000 more apprentices since 2003.

Focusing resources in the classroom and ensuring stability in our schools is part of the government's plan to protect Ontario's progress in education. Building the best-educated workforce in the world helps attract the investments that create jobs and strengthen our economy.

Quick Facts

  • An international study "How the world's most improved school systems keep getting better," ranks Ontario's education system as one of the best in the world.
  • An ongoing study by the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto is finding that full-day kindergarten students do better than their peers in reading, writing, numbers and fine motor skills.
  • The Putting Students First Act was introduced to protect the gains made in education.

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“Working together with our teachers, students and parents, we are making Ontario a global leader in education. It's important to protect these gains and keep putting our students first in order to build a bright future for our children and grandchildren.”

Dalton McGuinty

Premier of Ontario



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