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More Deals for Ontario Businesses in China

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More Deals for Ontario Businesses in China

Trade Mission Delegates Sign Agreements Worth Over $200 million in Nanjing

Office of the Premier

Leading Ontario clean technology and agri-food companies have signed agreements with Chinese partners that will create jobs and opportunity back home in Ontario.

Toronto-based Menergy, a world leader in geo-thermal energy solutions, signed an agreement with China Yixing Industrial Park for Environmental Science & Technology, to expand the company's presence in China. The project will be worth as much as $100 million over the next 10 years and help create 15 jobs.
Canadian Dairy Manufacturing signed a five-year agreement with Huang Feng Milk Products of Hangzhou worth about $96 million to distribute its Ontario-made infant formula and skim milk powder products in the Chinese province of Zhejiang.

Canada CleanTech Capital, based in Markham, Ontario, combines expertise in science, engineering, architecture and finance to commercialize clean technologies and help build green cities. It signed an agreement worth over $3 million with Senboll Group of Shenzhen. The project will create at least eight jobs in Canada and 20 in China over the next two years.

Toronto's Ecolo Odor Control announced its intention to enter into a joint venture with Puritek to build a manufacturing base that would also act as a head office for Ecolo in China's Nanjing, giving it a strong foothold in the Asian market.

Eastern Ontario's Trent University also announced that it is working with the Nanjing University School of Environment in China to develop a joint institute that aims to become a global research leader in international environmental issues. A joint steering committee will administer $200,000 in private donations that have already been made to get the initiative off the ground.

And finally, to further strengthen Ontario's long-term economic prospects, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce signed an agreement with the Jiangsu Chamber of International Commerce to help facilitate new partnerships between companies in Ontario and Jiangsu.

Quick Facts

  • Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu — Ontario’s sister province in China since 1985.
  • The city of London, Ontario is twinned with Nanjing.
  • The port of Nanjing is the largest inland port in China, shipping 70 million tons of goods in 2011.


“For almost 30 years, Jiangsu and Ontario have enjoyed a special connection, and we’re honoured to build on it by creating new partnerships today. I’m especially pleased that the Ontario Chamber of Commerce has decided to forge a permanent relationship with Jiangsu. I know this will help even more Ontario businesses succeed and pursue opportunities in this fast-growing region of China.”

Dalton McGuinty

Premier of Ontario