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Building a More Prosperous Ontario

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Building a More Prosperous Ontario

Office of the Premier

February 11

Premier Kathleen Wynne and new cabinet sworn-in.

February 14

Premier Wynne takes on the Agriculture and Food portfolio.

February 19

Lieutenant Governor David C. Onley delivers Speech from the Throne for the new Ontario government.

February 22

After many days of negotiation, the Provincial Council of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation votes to recommend that members suspend their political action related to extracurricular and voluntary activities.

February 25

New Ontario government re-introduces Great Lakes Protection Act.

February 26

New Ontario government re-introduces the Air Ambulance Amendment Act that would restore public confidence in ORNGE.

February 27

New Ontario government re-introduces legislation that would make it easier to resolve co-op housing disputes.

February 27

Minister Glen Murray introduces legislation that would help municipalities collect defaulted fines from out-of-province drivers for driving offences in Ontario.

March 1

New Ontario government holds first cabinet meeting in Northern Ontario since 1995 in Sault Ste. Marie, and creates the Northern cabinet committee.

March 4

New Ontario government receives Healthy Kids Panel recommendations on how to reduce childhood obesity.

March 5

Premier Wynne, along with Ministers Reza Moridi and Deb Matthews, announces $100 million for brain research.

March 5

New Ontario government introduces legislation that would provide job protection for caregivers who take leave to care for sick or injured loved ones, or to cope with the illness or loss of a child.

March 6

New Ontario government reinforces its commitment to protecting our Great Lakes by announcing the next phase of the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund.

March 6

Minister Deb Matthews celebrates the opening of the newly redeveloped Bridgepoint Hospital in Toronto.

March 8

New Ontario government commits to horse racing transition funds.

March 8

Premier Wynne meets with First Nations Chiefs to discuss proposed developments in the Ring of Fire, to ensure that everyone benefits from the opportunities presented by the largest chromite deposit in the world.

March 19

Government announces a series of improvements to highways and bridges in Northern Ontario that will create hundreds of jobs.

March 19

Government moves forward with a new venture capital fund to help unlock more financing opportunities for emerging startups, support innovation and create jobs. The government will contribute up to $50 million to the new fund.

March 21

Government creates the first-ever Premier's Council on Youth Opportunities that will give advice on how the government can best support young people so they can succeed.

March 27

Government reaffirms its commitment to continuing the rollout of full-day kindergarten and pledges stable funding for schools and students across Ontario.

April 2

The governments of Canada and Ontario invest a combined $417 million into Growing Forward 2, a strategy to help Ontario's agri-food industry grow profits, expand into new markets and manage risks.

April 4

Premier Wynne attends the official opening of the new Louise Temerty Breast Cancer Centre at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. The centre will provide patients with access to next-day diagnosis, industry-leading breast imaging and advanced clinical care.

April 4

Ontario reaches agreement in principle with the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation. The agreement marks the renewal of the government's proud partnership with Ontario's public high school teachers.

April 10

Ontario's high school graduation rate increases for the eight year in a row, resulting in more students gaining the skills they need to succeed.

April 12

Government announces it is working together with the College of Nurses of Ontario to enhance the role of nurses so they can deliver more services for their patients.


Government introduces legislation that would strengthen the rights of consumers in the areas of door-to-door sales, debt settlement services and real estate transactions.

April 24

Ontario's air quality report shows that levels of many air pollutants have dropped across the province, and Ontario's air quality continues to improve.

April 29

Government launches comprehensive $295 million Youth Jobs Strategy, which would create 30,000 job and mentorship opportunities.

May 1

Government announces plans to create an Ontario Music Fund that would help support and create jobs, and position Ontario as a leading place to record and perform music.

May 2

Government presents Ontario's 2013 Budget, A Prosperous and Fair Ontario. It is designed to create jobs and help people in their everyday lives.

May 3

Government outlines a series of initiatives intended to help small urban municipalities create jobs and grow their economies by continuing to share provincial gas tax money and upload the municipal share of social assistance benefit program costs.

May 6

Premier Wynne outlines proposed increases to the Ontario Child Benefit, which would raise the annual maximum payment by up to $210 over the next two years.

May 10

Government unveils plans to create a $100 million fund for small, rural and Northern municipalities to address roads, bridges and other critical infrastructure.

May 10

Government announces it is creating more than 20 jobs in the Parry Sound area through its Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC). Ontario is supporting seven economic development projects in the Township of Seguin and the Town of Parry Sound to strengthen the economy.

May 13

Premier Wynne announces new support that will help more Francophone students study in French in the field of their choice.

May 14

Premier Wynne outlines the government's plan to support small businesses through proposed increases to the Employer Health Tax exemption.

May 16

Premier Wynne announces the government's commitment to extend Highway 427 to Major Mackenzie Drive, connecting communities and supporting thousands of jobs throughout York Region.

May 17

Government shares a new and equitable formula to determine the fee municipalities will receive for hosting an OLG gaming facility.

May 29

Ontario government introduces legislation to protect privacy in electronic health records.

June 14

Ontario government expands Specialist High Skills Majors program to prepare more students for the modern workplace.

June 14

Ontario government extends its support of the Horse Improvement Program into 2015 as part of its commitment to a sustainable future for the province's horse racing industry.

June 19

Ontario government expands access to publicly funded, clinic-based physiotherapy services across the province.

June 20

Ontario government continues to strengthen mental health services for children, youth and their families while reducing stigma and raising awareness of mental health issues.

June 24

Ontario government making it easier to withdraw locked-in retirement funds by simplifying financial hardship unlocking process.

June 26

Ontario government launches new Collaboration Voucher program to give companies a competitive edge by connecting businesses with research institutions.

June 26

New Growing Forward 2 programming kicks off in Ontario to support innovation and success in the province's agri-food sector.

June 27

Ontario government increases support for nearly one million children by boosting the Ontario Child Benefit.

July 2

Ontario government appoints former Supreme Court of Canada Justice Frank Iacobucci as the lead negotiator for the Ring of Fire.

July 3

Ontario government helps more than 4,300 young people gain valuable work experience through its Jobs for Youth program and Youth in Policing Initiative.

July 8

Ontario government announces it is providing $324 million in gas tax funding to 96 municipal transit systems this year.

July 9

Ontario government takes action on bee mortalities by creating the Bee Health Working Group to provide advice on how to prevent bee mortalities.

July 16

Ontario government releases its Conservation First discussion paper and commits to investing in conservation measures before building new generation, whenever it is cost-effective to do so.

July 18

Premier Wynne meets with federal, provincial and territorial agriculture ministers in Halifax to discuss how to spur innovation and market growth in Canada's agriculture and agri-food sector.

July 22

Ontario government expands support for summer learning programs to help 1,000 more elementary students across the province improve their reading, writing and math skills over the summer.

July 24

Premier Wynne hosts annual meeting of Canada's premiers and leaders of the five National Aboriginal Organizations.

July 24-26

Premier Wynne hosts Premiers from across Canada at the Council of the Federation in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

July 25

Ontario government extends the Ontario Microbrewery Strategy by two years to help Ontario Craft Brewers grow and create more jobs.

July 26

Ontario government creates more than 5,000 jobs as it continues to expand and improve highways throughout Northern Ontario.

July 29

Ontario government increases legal aid funding to improve frontline services and access to justice for low-income Ontarians.

July 30

Ontario government increases support for adults with a developmental disability through a new $42.5 million investment.

August 6

Ontario government invests in new Northern Ontario hydroelectric project that will create up to 100 new construction jobs.

August 13

Ontario government enhances supports for children and youth with special needs; takes action to reduce wait times and improve services.

August 15

Premier Wynne announces that Ontario has appointed Monique Smith to represent the province at its office at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C., where she will strengthen Ontario's relationship with the United States, its most important trading partner.

August 15

Ontario government renews its support for the Rural Economic Development program, which helps rural communities, organizations and businesses create jobs and attract investment.

August 19

Ontario government moves forward with Investment Ready: Certified Site Program, which will help communities attract investment and create jobs.

August 20

Ontario government launches the Age-Friendly Community Planning Guide to help municipalities address the needs of an aging population.

August 21

Ontario government supports local energy planning through the new Municipal Energy Plans and Aboriginal Community Energy Plans programs.

August 23

Ontario government takes action to make auto insurance more affordable for Ontario drivers, and targets an average 15 per cent auto insurance rate reduction within the next two years.

August 26

Ontario government keeps Sarnia Jail open to help ease capacity pressures in southwestern Ontario.

August 27

Ontario government supports 20 economic development projects in Northeastern Ontario to help create jobs and strengthen regional economies.

August 28

Premier Wynne tours Northern Ontario as part of her work to strengthen regional economies. She is the first Premier in recent history to visit Fort Severn, Ontario's northernmost community.

August 28

Ontario government launches strategy to create a lasting Pan Am and Parapan Am Games legacy.

August 29

Ontario government boosts support for people on social assistance by increasing rates for people with disabilities receiving Ontario Disability Support Program benefits and people receiving Ontario Works benefits.

September 2

Ontario government commits $2 million per year, over the length of the agreement, to keep the Experimental Lakes Area open.

September 4

Premier Wynne helps open Northern Ontario's first law school at Lakehead University and Northern Ontario's first architecture school at Laurentian University.

September 5

Ontario government expands its after school programs to help an additional 650 children across the province stay healthy and active.

September 6

Ontario government helps empower youth to combat cyberbullying by supporting crime prevention projects across the province.

September 19

Ontario government helps protect 2,800 auto jobs by partnering with the federal government and Ford of Canada to upgrade the company's Oakville Assembly plant.

September 23

Ontario government launches the Going Global Trade Strategy to help more Ontario businesses expand into new markets. 

September 24

Ontario government introduces legislation to increase the exemption for the Employer Health Tax to help small businesses.

September 25

Ontario government announces it is the first province in Canada to allow drivers to renew their driver's licences online.

September 26

Ontario government launches Impact - A Social Enterprise Strategy for Ontario to help social enterprises attract new investment, grow and create more jobs.

September 26

Ontario government enhances fiscal transparency with the passing of legislation to establish a Financial Accountability Officer. The Officer will be able to provide independent analysis to all MPPs about the state of the province's finances.

September 30

Ontario government invests more than $2.5 million in new breastfeeding supports to help babies get a healthy start.

October 4

Ontario government launches a new mental health help line for college and university students as part of its Mental Health and Addictions Strategy.

October 4

Premier Wynne announces that the government's new Small, Rural and Northern Municipal Infrastructure Fund is accepting applications. It will help address critical infrastructure needs in small, rural and northern communities.

October 9

Ontario government's Skin Cancer Prevention Act (Tanning Beds) passes, which restricts access to tanning beds for youth under 18.

October 11

Ontario government launches a five-year plan for a sustainable horse racing industry in the province.

October 16

Premier Wynne launches the new Youth Jobs Strategy, which will create 30,000 job opportunities for young people across the province.

October 21

Ontario government launches five new Northern Ontario Heritage Fund programs to help build a stronger, more diverse economy while creating jobs in the north.

October 21

Ontario government launches its new Open Government initiative to give people a more transparent and accessible government, and more opportunities to access information and engage with the government.

October 22

Ontario government announces its plan to introduce the School Boards Collective Bargaining Act, which would strengthen labour negotiations in the education sector.

October 23

Ontario government announces that the Lambton Generating Station has burned its last piece of coal.

October 28

Ontario government launches the Ontario Music Fund to help position the province as a leading destination to record and perform.

October 29

Ontario government supports the growth of the province's aerospace industry through a partnership between Centennial College and Bombardier.

October 30

Premier Wynne announces the government plans to create green bonds to finance environmentally friendly infrastructure projects across Ontario.

October 31

Ontario government leads the way on retirement security by calling for an enhancement of the Canada Pension Plan.

November 5

Ontario government's Local Food Act, 2013 passes. It will help promote food that is grown, harvested and processed in Ontario.

November 7

Ontario government introduces new plan to spur growth, create jobs and strengthen public services, and pledges new investments to support Ontario families and businesses.

November 7

Ontario government launches the first-ever Ontario Award for Leadership in Immigrant Employment. It recognizes employers for their roles in championing diversity and supporting jobs in their communities.

November 15

Ontario government introduces new on-the-job training to help keep the province's workers healthy and safe.

November 15

Premier Wynne hosts Canada's Premiers in Toronto to discuss how to grow the economy and create more jobs.

November 21

Premier Wynne and former U.S. vice-president Al Gore celebrate Ontario's bold action to end coal-fired power in the province. Ontario is on track to become the first place in North America to eliminate coal-fired power electricity generation by the end of 2014.

November 22

Ontario government and Canada expand the Ontario Bridge Training Program to help thousands of skilled newcomers find jobs in their field.

November 26

Ontario government proposes the Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act, which would support long-term infrastructure planning to help build a stronger economy.

November 27

Ontario government's Stronger Protection for Ontario Consumers Act passes. It will protect consumers and support stronger rights for a fair, safe and informed marketplace.

November 29

Ontario government makes key investments in cutting-edge research, education, and innovation to help people build the knowledge and skills they need to get good paying jobs and compete in the global economy.

December 2

Ontario government releases Achieving Balance, its updated Long-Term Energy Plan for clean, reliable and affordable energy for people across the province.

December 3

Ontario government introduces the Child Care Modernization Act that would, if passed, strengthen oversight of the province's unlicensed child care sector while increasing access to licensed child care options for families.

December 4

Ontario government introduces the Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act to protect Ontario's vulnerable workers.

December 4

Ontario government launches Pan Am/Parapan Am Kids to help kids get active and more involved in the People's Games.

December 9

Ontario government apologizes to former residents of regional centres for people with developmental disabilities.

December 10

Minister Zimmer launches applications for the New Relationship Fund, a program that supports First Nations, Métis communities and Aboriginal organizations in building capacity and creating economic opportunities.

December 11

Ontario government's French Language Services Act passes, which strengthens French language services in Ontario by making the province's French Language Services Commissioner an independent Officer of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

December 12

The Transit Investment Strategy Advisory Panel delivers its report and recommendations to the government.



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