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New and Expanded Cabinet Roles


New and Expanded Cabinet Roles

Office of the Premier

Environment and Climate Change

In this expanded role, the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change will work with other ministers and ministries to coordinate the province's response to climate change. 

The province will build on its historic phase-out of coal-fired electricity generation, which is the largest single initiative to cut greenhouse gas emissions by a government in North America to date. The minister and ministry will lead the province's ongoing efforts to ensure that the pace of climate change is slowed. The ministry will work to help Ontario to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet targets by 2020. 

To help reduce the financial and safety risks of a changing climate, this ministry will also ensure that investments in infrastructure and growth support climate-resilient communities. This focus will open up opportunities for Ontario to thrive in a low-carbon economy by building transit and infrastructure that reduce the province's reliance on fossil fuels, supporting Ontario businesses in developing and exporting clean technology while creating jobs, and making buildings, industries and public institutions as energy-efficient as possible.

Ontario had a Climate Change Secretariat from 2008-2011. This is the first time that Climate Change has been an explicit part of a ministry title.

President of the Treasury Board

The President of the Treasury Board is a new position in Cabinet. The president will help the government deliver on its program-spending objectives laid out by the Minister of Finance in the annual Budget.

The President of the Treasury Board will lead the government's efforts on accountability, openness and modernization. The president will also lead a Treasury Board sub-committee that will find further savings.

She will work with Cabinet colleagues and the public in an open and transparent manner to deliver good government and excellent public services in the most effective and efficient way possible. The president is also responsible for the Poverty Reduction Strategy.The president will ensure that proper controls are in place to manage spending at their given allocations. She will be responsible for overseeing labour relations between the government and the Ontario Public Service and broader public sector. She will also have the lead responsibility for oversight of crown agencies, boards and commissions.

The President of the Treasury Board will work in close partnership with the Minister of Finance, the Premier, Treasury Board members and Cabinet to ensure that the government reaches its fiscal targets.

The President of the Treasury Board will also assume the roles of Chair of the Management Board of Cabinet and Chair of the Treasury Board.